Heidi Montag dressed in a

  • Heidi Montag  dressed in a
Heidi Montag, dressed in a bra revealing, low cut polka dot top and blue short shorts, is accompanied by Spencer Pratt as she makes a cameo in the upcoming film "Just Go With It" 03-15-2010
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  • momomo

    He looks overdressed and she's underdressed!!!!!!

  • jk

    i think heidi looks amazing> but i think she should just leave it now> because she is perfect!!! great job heidi

  • cowgrl134

    Looks like someone is trying to cover up some fat with some extra layers. How is she wearing that skimpy outfit & he's wearing like ski clothes? lol..DUMBEST COUPLE EVER

  • Rach

    is that a GIANT in the background?

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    They are sooo fake ..... :((

  • fefeled

    wow look at the FAIL rapper there..he's a total loser pff and she's a loser too old-hag face

  • spedi-hater

    Give. Me. A. Break!