Heidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las Vegas

  • Heidi Montag Wears a Bikini in Las Vegas
Heidi Montag hosts a pool party at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 18, 2011.
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  • rasha

    its sad ... she was naturally beautiful... now shes all fake... she dnt even realize it.. and her bf or husband dont notice it? did he really like her this way?? take a look to lauren conrad or audrina or others...they still have the natural beauty nad they look more beautiful than heidi... its sad to see her like this

  • LORD.

    She's so ugly! 1. Her body looks like it's so skinny it could snap like a twig any second. 2. Her boobs look like giant rocks. 3. Her skin is too tan. 4. Her hair is too blonde. What happened to the beautiful, natural girl that used to be inside of her..?

  • simplydiffer

    This ho need to go. No one cares. And working out 14 hours a day? That's what trainers call "overworking".

  • peppa

    ok even though she is fake she s got a nice body, but what with her boobs? it s like they dont belong to her body!! they re just... there!

  • Penny Pretlow
    Penny Pretlow

    her way too skinny body makes her head look gi-normous.....is she holding a beachball or did she get wet republic tattooed on her forehead????

  • Annie Gouge'
    Annie Gouge'

    completely fake its SAD that jerk of a bf or husband whatever turned her into a .....................

  • Ala

    She looks even more hideous than the last time around. Too blonde, too tanned, too skinny ... in other words, too fake