Holly Madison Bikinis for SVEDKA

  • Holly Madison Bikinis for SVEDKA
Holly Madison sipped SVEDKA Vodka's specialty HOT_BOT cocktail while bronzing her bikini body at a private location in Las Vegas on Tuesday afternoon. Photos: StarTraksPhoto.com
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  • peoplerstoopid

    hey, whats wrong with ghostly BTW? Ever been to Ireland? lots of gorgeous pale ladies there.

  • peoplerstoopid

    I am thin and don't wear bikinis because I don't look look sexy like Holly does. i would love to see photos of men where they pick them apart like this. I like it when she is paler- she isn't ghostly. She has some of the prettiest skin I have seen.

  • Juli Price
    Juli Price

    omg what was she thinking! If she wore the correct bathing suit for her figure, she wouldn't look so terrible in this suit!! And I agree that she does look thick around the tummy and thighs. And never wear a black bikini, esp. when you are so ghostly looking! her face is alot tanner than the rest of her body.

  • h2

    like a real woman you mean?

  • Terri

    I think she look awful in the bikini, kind of thick around the middle and big thighs.