Hollywood's Vampires Through the Years

  • Hollywood's Vampires Through the Years
Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder give the term "blood brothers" new meaning! The two actors portray vampire siblings Stefan and Damon in the teen supernatural drama 'The Vampire Diaries'.
Source: The CW
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  • markella

    the best vampire transformation of all!!!

  • Maryam Rz
    Maryam Rz

    i love damon salvatore/ian somerhalder he's freaking hotttt:X:X

  • angel2317

    love Stephen, why cant he be left to be happy =( hope he ends up happy

  • Stiffler

    The hottest!

  • obsessed

    I am going to marry Ian Somerhalder/ Damon Slavatore!!!! Hes only 15 years older than me but it will do!!