The S-Factor

  • The S-Factor
Ladies, I am sure you have all seen some variety of pole-dancing and wondered how on earth those ladies twist their bodies like they do. Men, I am sure you have seen some variety of pole dancing that… had you thinking the same thing? Well, you no longer have to wonder how they obtain superpowers such as holding themselves upside down because the S-Factor will teach you exactly how it’s done. This sexy work out strengthens and tones your body while also inducing a sense of confidence because it combines ballet and yoga with striptease. While you will most definitely trim your “s-shape” you will also gain knowledge that will no doubt spice up your love life! Celebrities who reportedly have used this method include Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Haylie Duff, and Olivia Wilde.
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  • Moniruzzaman

    Like of course I will watch they are like the new pirnce and pirncess of AmericaI watch the show ever time it airs. They are great Kris is a great Mom she's my age so I can relate to her even though I have no where close to her kind of life. She brillant and she's raised her kids wonderfully She is way to good for Bruce Jenner I know that they play a roll for tv but he's an ass she deserves better then that. And I know she believes in God and she doesn't have to defend herself to him he would be nothing without her. Kourtney you are a great girl don't marry Scott your heart never lies and never sacrafice yourself for the good of someone else. And Khloe your the most ground of them all you are the stabalizer bar of your life. I admire everyone of you I always imagined having friends like you in my life. Take Care Susan