NOW Brad Dourif continues acting

  • NOW  Brad Dourif continues acting
NOW: Brad Dourif continues acting in movies, and will be reprising the role of Chucky in the upcoming remake of Child's Play. With that hat, he wishes he were Indiana Jones.
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  • mo1988

    agree 100%. no matter what roll he plays, he puts everything out there and makes his part great.

  • Kal

    He really is. There was a blurb in some of the Lord of the Rings features about how Ian McKellan had no idea Dourif wasn't English, as he stayed in character while they were filming and kept his accent the entire time. He was Wormtongue. The creepy-creeper who somehow made me feel bad for him. Something about his eyes really got across his desperation and misery.

  • Jerry

    Brad Dourif is actually one of the best character actors around.