Hot British Celebrities!

  • Hot British Celebrities!
Robert Pattinson arrives at the Australian premiere of 'Water for Elephants.'
Source: WENN
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  • Cristina

    Oh yeah!!! This is the MR. HOTTEST, no doubt!!!

  • oniszko2

    Rob Pattinson was out last night in down town toronto by himself at first. All of a sudden we turned around and he was with some blonde, looked like Sienna Miller, they were hugging and kissing all over the place, and then sadly they left togeter.... No Kristen Stewart anywhere to be foung this is the second time he has been out alone without her Gossip is she is back with her ex Michael A and it was all PR with Robert................................

  • edwardbella2

    I guess there isn't any competition between hottest celebrities when ROB is nominated!!!He is definately sizzling....

  • karla

    i LOVE him ♥♥♥

  • katherine

    God he's hot <3