Hotter After Heartbreak

  • Hotter After Heartbreak
Heidi Klum clearly isn’t letting a little divorce get get down in the dumps. The supermodel-turned-reality TV judge bared all — literally — for the May 2012 issue of Allure magazine, following her split from husband of seven years, Seal.
Source: Allure
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  • Yhya

    Cute C-ute-age! I'm happy about that. They probably never had a full biinki shot because Mai was (and still is) really young. As are all the S/mileage. Specially Saki being only 13. But I'm a big Kanon fan (It's like Aibon's come home!) so I will probably check it out for some pics that I can use as icons and signatures.*sigh* I'm really sad that Eri, JunJun, and LinLin will never reach their idol potential. Eri and LinLin could easily be H!P solo artists. I will be keeping my ear on the Great Wall of China to hear if they're any vibrations about Qian Lin (銭琳). Hopefully she won't let her producer change her name again.*cries* Gah, Miyabi looks like she's 10 again in that photo! Time for another haircut.I have a feeling that 2011 will be the year Chinami kicks all the other BK girls to the curb with her sexiness. She already has the boobs-out butt-out thing down. She might not be the center stage face but she's gonna be the girl in the back you can't help but notice.Look a Yurina's hand! A bit lower and she will be grabbing Momo's ass! And Massa might be grabbing Risako's I don't think well be seeing Risako in a biinki any time soon. Did you see what they had her wearing for HP's Fall concert, Fankora!? Body covered at ALL times. In the finale there are only a few girls that are completely covered and they're known to be the more frumpy and modest of them all; there's LinLin, Sayumi, Massa, Momoko, ect. None of them are C-ute or S/mileage members, and I doubt Erina would ever say no to the stylists.