Hugh Jackman and Ava Play in Paris

  • Hugh Jackman and Ava Play in Paris
Hugh Jackman, star of the upcoming film 'Real Steel', horsing around with daughter Ava while visiting the Rodin Museum in Paris on April 20, 2011.
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  • Sophie4ever

    i think Sophie1986 is hilarious!! back the fuck off bitch!!

  • Michael

    You don't even know her!! For all we know, she's a wonderful mother who plays with her kids everyday in the park. But of course, we don't see that because she's not the wife of a celebrity. The only one here who is stupid, is YOU!

  • candyapplepie

    OMG! she looks soooo wasted!! how humiliating for hugh!! HAHA

  • Follower

    @ Mary Anne Get a life. A lot of people on this site make comments like this on various posts. You don't have to take everything she says literally. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you have to point it out and start a fight over it on the Internet. You're even more pathetic by responding.

  • sophie1986

    Throw in a comment about soccer and you’ve got the most complete collection of things I don’t care about. Including you.

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne

    Really nice to be insulted by strangers, isn't it? You have done the same thing with this lady. How do you feel the other side of the game? I'm glad to be off your Christmas list.

  • sophie1986

    Cucumber sandwiches! I’ve never been so insulted, except for that one occasion, with all the insults. And as we all know, if someone on the Internet said it then it must be true. For the record, you're off my Christmas list.

  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne

    Do you think you're funny? No, you're just unpleasant and stupid, certainly not even know what it means to play with your daughter

  • sophie1986

    It's so embarassing when Grandma crashes out drunk in the park in front of millions of people.