'Catching Fire' Cast: Jennifer Lawrence

  • 'Catching Fire' Cast: Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence plays lead heroin Katniss Everdeen. She and Peeta have both just won the Games, and are now in more danger than ever living in District 12.
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Cast
Source: Pacific Coast News
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  • al

    she look awesome http://www.google.com/search?q=3balldj.com

  • Anonymous

    Unlike Twilight, Hunger Games actually has meaning and a message. This could be our society if the future if we aren't careful. Also, Katniss is sort of a role model to tweens and up. She shows confidence, strength, and courage. Its not just some stupid book series like Twilight where Bella just does nothing but let a werewolf and a vampire fight over her and let the vampire get her pregnant.

  • Sam Gebhard
    Sam Gebhard

    I sincerely hope "J-Law" doesn't catch on. For one, it sounds idiotic. Two, it's too similar to "J-Lo", and makes me think of JUDE Law. Not Jennifer Lawrence, who deserves so much more praise than a ridiculous nickname that even piss-poor celebrities get (K-Stew anyone?).

  • Chris

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  • Anonymous

    Hunger Games is almost as bad as the Twilight movies.

  • I'm counting!
    I'm counting!

    Hey, that picture is 10 years old!

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  • Tonyb

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  • you make me want to throw up
    you make me want to throw up

    It is as sexist as a man who joins a dating service with ulterior expectations that she wait on him hand and foot and cook, clean and wash/dry/iron his clothes. She would be required to ask his permission to call anyone on the phone or go out with or without girlfriends to shop,go out to lunch,get her hair or nails done.

  • mileyismylife

    J-Law is simply too beautiful for her own good!