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Answer: Catnip
Source: Lionsgate
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  • Antonio

    haha dee! well she's done it. personally i think this is her best photo ever! i mean yeah in some ways she must have tshainred her name but she looks good here..haha

  • Hermie

    Oh yeah, and I hate to do this here but it was the only place and SOMEBODY has to do it: how in the hell do Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere make this list, but not Vida Guerra? In fact, I see Vida Guerra as the only legitimate codntener to Kim K. (relatively safe for work I think). Now, to all you heterosexuals reading this, how can you look at that pic and not demand that she be added to this tournament? This is blasphemy in its purest form and any booty championship that doesn't include Vida Guerra is entirely inadequate as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and if Guerra replaces Larter, I nominate any of the following to replace Panettiere: Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eva Mendes or Scarlet Johansson. Come to think of it, any one of those could replace Eliza Douche-koo too.

  • XxxhungergamesxxX

    Lool love gales face <3333

  • jorie

    forest hiding from the hovercrafts so they won't become avoxes

  • Lenny :)
    Lenny :)

    they see something flying over them