Insured Celebrity Bodyparts

  • Insured Celebrity Bodyparts
While some might have expected her to insure her voice, Mariah Carey instead took out an insurance policy on her legs for - get this - $1 BILLION!
Source: Getty Images
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  • Guest

    That flat hair is not doing anything for her. She insures her legs against cellulite and she may use every dime to keep it away. Never thought she was pretty. Don't like her loud voice either.

  • sick

    she looks like a man to me, there is nothing hot about her! very big bone woman.

  • vitobonespur

    Does anyone find it peculiar that Mariah Carey insures her so-so legs, but not her voice? Arrogance? Stupidity? Conceit?

  • llissel

    Incase they end up like lindsay lohan lol XD you never know! :P

  • sona

    1 billion???? are you crazy? pls somebody explain to me what's the point? they have so much money they don't even know what to do! HELP OTHERS P.S. i know celebs help others, but cmon 1 billion??

  • Jim

    again, not great legs here