Jersey Shore star J-Woww

  •  Jersey Shore  star J-Woww
'Jersey Shore' star J-Woww poses in a photospread for 'Maxim' magazine's August 2010 issue.
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  • jwoww lover
    jwoww lover

    she isn't hot lmao shes huge. why are you hating on her like damn do you have nothing better to do. damn yo shes clearly hot so just hop off her dick

  • Annemarie Diffenderffer
    Annemarie Diffenderffer

    These photos lack any artistic value. Probably the subject matter.

  • sandra

    in every single photo she looks like shed just had sex with 10 guys.shes not that great either, i couldnt recognise her without makeup. entertainment bussiness has gone down the road making skanks famous, where is glamour and talent these days?

  • lmao

    she isn't hot lmao shes huge.