Jeff Timmons is One Hot Chippendale

  • Jeff Timmons is One Hot Chippendale
Jeff Timmons is One Hot Chippendale
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  • Magdalene

    Thank goodness there are still some ppleoe on this earth with some sense! It's funny how so many CHILDREN approve of this relationship and think it's cool , and that they look cute together. IT'S MADNESS! It looks CREEPY! Her parents should be ashamed. They're supposed to be protecting her and parenting her. But I guess because she's famous she can do whatever the crap she wants to do. People wonder why child stars grow up and then lose their minds and become losers. The get famous, and suddenly in celebrity la-la land they immediately become adults with no boundries or rules to protect their innocence. And then, they think they own the world and forget how to control themselves at all! I just hope everyone explains to their children that this relationship is NOT cute!It's ashame, because I think she's generally a good kid with a lot of talent. But her parents should be reeeeeally careful because she's reaching the point of being too successful way too soon. It's almost as if you can hear the horror music starting to play in the background. Can anyone say, Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears?