Jennifer Aniston Bares a Bit of Bra at 'Five' Premiere

  • Jennifer Aniston Bares a Bit of Bra at 'Five' Premiere
Jennifer Aniston showed up at Lifetime's premiere of it's original movie event 'Five' at Skylight Soho on September 26, 2011 in New York City.
Source: INF Daily
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  • perszona

    I will never understand why people call Jennifer Aniston beautiful (except for her legs, although Kate's legs are much better). Her skin is bad, her smile is always the same and is forced half the time, her lips are downright ugly, and her style is either boring or she is trying too hard - here she looks like a biker girl from a small town pub who got hold of a good makeup artist and hair stylist. Without all of that, this woman looks at best average. I think American women like her exactly because she looks like a glamourized version of mediocrity - because of that, it is easy to identify with her. Which is fine, but to call her beautiful? I must have met at least 10 waitress in LA looking like her in a week.

  • Marlene

    Jennifer is just beautiful - and always was!

  • simplyme000

    WOW, she's getting sexier and sexier... Hummmmm... Justin might have something 2 do with it!