Jen Aniston's Bikini Thanksgiving

  • Jen Aniston's Bikini Thanksgiving
Jennifer Aniston is photographed in a purple bikini, hugging a mystery man in Los Cabos, Mexico, while vacationing over the Thanks Giving holiday, on November 25, 2010.
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  • whatever

    to all the haters, why cant you guys just let this women live her life? whether she's trying to make you jealous, your mom your dad or her ex, who the F cares, she can live her life however she wants and date whoever she wants. nobody gives about who you date? why does the world come crashing down on Jen when she's just trying to find the right man like every other single person in America? just cause she's in her 40's doesnt mean she cant date a younger guy. your grandma's doing it, your mom's doing it, your sister's doing it. if she has a good body why cant she show what she's got? if you all had some abs like hers you'd be more than willing to have playboy at your doorstep so F off of this beautiful women and let her live. if you dont like it dont waste your precious time commenting about her. she didnt take anyone's man. she hasnt ruined anyone's life. she seems to be a ver nice person and i just done understand why ppl wont get off her back. she's not the one you should be attacking...