Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Pose for Terry Richardson

  • Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Pose for Terry Richardson
Jen and Justin cozy up to one another as they pose on a roof in NYC for celebrity photographer Terry Richardson.
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  • Kate

    They are just precious together. She definately landed her a looker! He appears to be very smitten with her and she deserves nothing but happiness and a long lasting love from here on out. Brad's loss... I am praying for you Jen!

  • vanitea

    people known angie has stolen pitt from jen. But now, we looks angie such a great mom and she has a happy family. Now, we looks jen, people known she's a playgirl. hopefully she'll stick with justin

  • Dorothy Hall
    Dorothy Hall

    Eat your heart out Mr. Arm Pitt! This is what love is all about.

  • gingert

    Jen and Justin are so in love. They are very happy together. I love this beautiful, adorable couple. God bless them.

  • jenfan

    this is how TRUE LOVE looks. They genuinely look very happy together. I am pretty sure she is pregnant. She has this different look in her eyes, internal happiness. Good for them.