Jennifer Aniston Promotes 'Horrible Bosses' in London

  • Jennifer Aniston Promotes 'Horrible Bosses' in London
Jennifer Aniston attends a photocall for "Horrible Bosses" at The Dorchester Hotel in London.
Source: IFN Daily
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  • Jess

    But Brad isn't married. And haven't you catched up on the latest gossip...? She has moved on...! With Justin Theroux and she's really happy!

  • Moe

    This is not the epitome of a real woman. At her age she has only acted like a man since her divorce. What is my career, who can I do that I am starring in a movie and when can I do them. It's so empty. She has not moved on and found someone. Now I'm not saying we all need someone but Jennifer is growing stale it is tiring to see someone like her not living in the real world of a husband and children. Brad's new wife seems more rounded and hey I guess the fact that they really are more so than the Hollywood crowd I would give them credit for doing so with such a large family.