Jennifer Lawrence Sexy Esquire Shoot in 2010

  • Jennifer Lawrence Sexy Esquire Shoot in 2010
Before her 'Hunger Games' fame, Jennifer Lawrence posed in a super sexy shoot for Esquire magazine in 2010.
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  • redcake

    dude let me put it this way, if you had a body like that, you'd be crazy not to get your photos taken for Esquire magazine in your bikini! plus, she is absolutely perfect, her face is so beautiful, she has the whole package. Nothing wrong with these photos at all, it looks sexy in a nice way, not a trashy way. Go Jen, so proud of you ! :)

  • mileyismylife

    her body is beyond amazing and she's so beautiful! super jealous of her.

  • X

    Actually. She was probably just as annoyed as you are about it. After her role in Winter's Bone she wasn't finding much opportunity for other roles because a lot of people thought she couldn't play a feminine role. She said in an article (I can't remember which one I read) that she finally resorted to putting on a swim suit and to do this shoot to show people she could be feminine. It actually helped her get the role of Mystique in X-Men.

  • Jenner

    Eww! Esquire?! I thought she is a serious actress and not trashy one. Posing for this mag makes her the same level as Ashely Greene (a downgrade for sure)... she could have posed for fashion mags or other gentlemen mag and not this. Desperate much?