Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Kiss On Set of JLo's Latest Video

  • Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Kiss On Set of JLo's Latest Video
Jennifer Lopez is visited by her young boyfriend Casper Smart on the set of her new music video in Los Angeles on January 16, 2012. The singer could be seen heating up the set as she danced with her choreographer in a pair of skin-tight leather pants, as Casper watched. The duo snuck in some lip locking in between takes.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • newyork1234

    I agree somewhat with you, AMAJLOFAN. I am a huge JLO fan, I grew up listening to her music. But honestly, no one is judging her, she is ASKING to be judged. She is definitely didnt go for drugs, but definitely has failed to show what a mother should be like, failed to show young teens that it is NOT ok to date someone like the age of your son. I do admire her music but I don't admire her lifestyle. Either its me, or you might be exposed to a similar lifestyle so it is OK for you to say that.

  • ameee

    Jlo look great not as weel her dress..her act..not represent her as a mother..she just good in fahion( dress, shoes, bag)...i think marc is luck to split with her..i think she frustated...

  • Iamajlofan

    she is entitled to be her own person. who are you to judge and say she is a "let down to women"? Truth is, she is living her life, and being her on person in the limelight, while you sit behind the computer screen and try to degrade her with your foolish comments. Instead of trying to give her the title of "let down of women" you should embrace her for ability to look AMAZING at her age, being one of the few celebrities to not have fallen into drug addictions, and for being involved in amazing organization such as the maribel foundation adn the boys and girls club, both of which are involved in helping children!!! In the future keep your negative comments to yourself!

  • Lyne

    I thought that J Lo would be different once she had children, act her age, dress appropriate. She is proven to be a huge let down to women, ...L