Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Through the Years

  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Through the Years
A look back at Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony through the years.
Source: Getty Images
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  • wen

    I totally agree with you, I think she is the problem but then again that is can not build happiness for yourself by breaking up a marriage, because she did break up his marriage to Dayanara, ex Miss Universe!

  • Tsk......Tsl

    How pathetic! Can't this woman figure out what she wants in a man? Now she's managed to bring two little angels into the world, only to subject them to a broken home. It seems to me that J-Lo is a very selfish person....the failure of this marriage is no surprise....I was just hoping for the sake of the innocent children that she had decided to stay with the guy and create a family for her children. For most people, the first failed marriage is a mistake gone wrong, a second failed marriage I have heard is a sign that you should look at yourself for your, tsk tsk....she has a third! How disgraceful.

  • kewlgirl

    How many men will she ever marry and divorce???

  • Nora

    I hate a short guy!