Jennifer Lopez Kisses Casper Smart

  • Jennifer Lopez Kisses Casper Smart
During a break from dance rehearsal in Los Angeles on November 18, 2011, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were affectionately embracing, kissing, and holding onto each other tightly. JLo was still wearing her wedding ring, although the marriage between her and Marc Anthony is over.
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  • Beatrice Harvey
    Beatrice Harvey

    She's making out with a boy toy that's old enough to be her son, ugh! Disgusting! She's through a midlife crisis alright to make herself feel alot younger than what she is. Is she that desperate for a man she has to date a 25 yr. old? A kid barely from out of highschool? Geez! Talk about low self esteem.

  • newyork1234

    NOW thats plain discusting. She is how old oh and how old is he? isn't he suppose to be her son? SHAME! I use to like JLO, lost respect today.

  • chachis

    is it just me or does this guy look like a cheap younger imitation of marc anthony

  • yaya

    nasty trashy you go Casper get everything you can I mean everything cause once she done no more dance for you no more travel remember Chris

  • pak31

    She's loving it, staring right into the camera as if to make sure they are getting it all on film.

  • cookie

    I think she just does it to make her husband jelous though i mean tha whole dance act with pitbull and now this..