Jennifer Lopez: Sexiest Moments From 'Dance Again'

  • Jennifer Lopez: Sexiest Moments From 'Dance Again'
Yowza! Check out J-Lo's sexiest looks from her new 'Dance Again' video, feat. her new boyfriend Casper Smart.
Source: VEVO
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  • Beatrice Harvey
    Beatrice Harvey

    Oh get over yourself stupid! Okay she's 42 yrs. old and she's facing midlife crisis by dating a 25 yr. old backup dancer, he's using her anyway for money and connections to further his career and pretty much succeeding at it. She chose to be with this golddigger instead of reconciling with Marc for the sake of the kids. Its her choice to be desperate and have low self esteem, you get what you deserve.

  • Dan

    Yawn...she's just another aging bimbo trying to recapture her youth.

  • Kara Cook
    Kara Cook

    Umm, I believe see Miss Lopezs nipples!! Take look, they are diff popping out!!

  • noname3022

    looks more like a porn movie going on there.....