Jennifer Lopez's 'American Idol' Fashions

  • Jennifer Lopez's 'American Idol' Fashions
HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 18: Judge Jennifer Lopez onstage at FOX's "American Idol" Season 11 Top 7 With Save Live Performance Show on April 18, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Beatrice Harvey
    Beatrice Harvey

    She looks fantastic at the age of 40, I wish I could look like that. I'm 58 and have a killer body too, but I'm alittle more buff than her, a bodybuilder of course but not overly sized. And her abs are awesome in that dress and she can wear anything she wants, why not she's got the body for it!

  • cloe

    obviously the age is in your mind she doesn't look 40 at all, so if she looks good on it why she can't wear it. She looks awesome

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    awesome dress!!

  • Uink

    gtfo shes super hot I'm 26 and I think she looks great. Met girls my own age who look way older than her lol and some like myself could look like her daughters age is nothing but a number. she looks amazing

  • 1234

    I completely disagree. What is disgusting about a woman being comfortable in her own body? I absolutely hate the phrase "age appropriate" I can understand if we are talking about a 12 year old child, but a grown woman should be able to wear whatever she feels comfortable and confident in.

  • zazz

    ^ are u guys kidding? that is disgusting! she may have a killer body but she is FOURTY! she should dress more age apporiate and leave alot to the imagination.

  • Ciara Burke
    Ciara Burke

    Who cares look at her abs !!!! WOW :D

  • Yessamyn Parker Yessy
    Yessamyn Parker Yessy

    Why not? she has the body!!

  • Karina Rodriguez Leniton
    Karina Rodriguez Leniton

    You look Great!!!!!