'Jersey Shore' Cast Pose in Italy: Deena Nicole Cortese

  • 'Jersey Shore' Cast Pose in Italy: Deena Nicole Cortese
Check out the individual pics of the 'Jersey Shore' cast in promotion of season four of the hit MTV reality show set in Florence, Italy.
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  • phillyboy925

    The Best she ever Looked .. What's Wrong With ThaT?!?

  • Jordan

    I think Deena looks gorgeous :) a lil too much makeup, but still very pretty..

  • Milly

    I like her and she looks good to me.

  • candyappleblue

    These pictures are all horrible. They don't look anything like the cast. If I were them, I would be ticked off. Or maybe they like the completely photo-shopped, over-done, not-looking-like-themselves theme. These kids would all look so much better if they went a little more natural . . but I guess that would defeat the purpose of their Jersey Shoreness. =/

  • Jae Milkowski
    Jae Milkowski

    So...these THINGS that made a complete disgrace of OUR country in another country actually get to have this filth released? I hope their plane crashes.

  • iamkelsey520

    who approved these pix?? do they not have managers? she looks like shes trying too hard

  • sona

    lmaooooo she looks like the cheapest prostitute on earth :)