'Jersey Shore' Cast Pose in Italy: Snooki

  • 'Jersey Shore' Cast Pose in Italy: Snooki
Check out the individual pics of the 'Jersey Shore' cast in promotion of season four of the hit MTV reality show set in Florence, Italy.
Source: MTV
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  • janeettt

    she just wants attention just ignore people like danielleakame ignore ignore. :0

  • ebony

    Wow Snooki looks amazing!!!

  • sabihah

    wow, I'm not even the biggest fan of JS but even I wouldnt talk shit about them on na website INCLUDING when they won't even see it, SO danielleleakme, showing your fave after doesn't mean you have balls your a ugly girl hiding behind a computer HATERR your jealous of somethingggg they haven yu do'y :)

  • Kelly Leonard
    Kelly Leonard

    you couldn't have had said that any better, they claim they don't "like" the show yet they still comment on it, haters waste so much time hating on something, so sad lol

  • Milly

    you got balls dude ! You really do :DD LOL

  • Milly

    word ! :D

  • Jane

    Fuck off Danielle. You're soo annoying.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    famous or not famous OR irrelevantly relevant < that girl's outfit in this photo is so cute < & they ALL gettin paper regardless of you haters & you still get up on the net & bash them like it matters. good for you

  • danielleakame

    lol at least I have the balls to show my "hippo" face......and after reading all your reply comments, learn to spell and use correct punctuation. That is what you get for watching that show! It slowly turns your brain to mush, but I'm sure it was like that to begin with. ayyyooooooo

  • stephie

    why are you so rude to her?? lol its quite humerous....you must really love that show?

  • Milly

    duck face mutch better than your hippo face

  • danielleakame

    look at my duck face!!! loooookkkkk aattttt iitttttt

  • sona

    why are they famous again???