Jessica Simpson Heads to the Gym

  • Jessica Simpson Heads to the Gym
New mom Jessica Simpson heads to the gym in West Hollywood on June 6, 2012. The singer gave birth to daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, 2012.
Jessica Simpson Heads to the Gym
Source: Wenn
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  • Lap Band Lover
    Lap Band Lover

    Just put a Lap Band on it, and the weight will fall right off. Quick easy fix...

  • gruber

    But so many more die of heart disease, diabetes and other related issues than anorexia. So am I an asshole? Maybe. But take a look around America, fattest country in the world by miles. Look at any study. Being obese is neither, attractive, sexy, or healthy. Sincerely, every guy.

  • guest

    You're a fucking moron. Do you know how many girls lose their lives to eating disorders every year? It's because of assholes like you that so many women will never find happiness because they're too worried about satisfying the completely fucked up beauty standards of misogynist dicks like you.

  • gruber

    No she isn't. There are way too man fatties in America. The last thing we need is celebrities making girls think it's okay to be chubby. Thin looks better, everybody knows it and thinks it but too afraid to say it. Give me an anorexic girl over that fat-ass any day. She's a horrible role model.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Simpson has a bad case of horse face.

  • Pia December
    Pia December

    Jesse looks like Anna Nicol now. She's still gorgeous even with a few extra lbs.

  • jbd59

    say what you want. she's sexy as hell.