Jessica Simpson Keeps a Hand on Her Growing Belly Bump With Fiance Eric Johnson

  • Jessica Simpson Keeps a Hand on Her Growing Belly Bump With Fiance Eric Johnson
Jessica Simpson keeps a hand on her growing belly bump as she is seen in Beverly Hills on October 30, 2011 with her fiance Eric Johnson.
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  • Patricia Malke
    Patricia Malke

    She's has been preggo FORever!

  • Viola Bibriescas Mauricio
    Viola Bibriescas Mauricio

    actually its good to wear heels when i was pregnant the dr told me to wear heels. its better to put all the weight on the ball of your foot than your heels

  • dave1001

    Her boobs were so big to begin with, her back must be sore lugging those things around now. Bet her nipples are dark now and huge too.

  • Bigballs

    Every time I see Simpson's stubby legs I laugh.

  • Geselle Huerta
    Geselle Huerta

    I said just what I think. I believe its bad because you can fall wearing those high heels and yeah hurt yourself and the baby. Jes, GET OVER THE GRAMMAR! You understood me anyway..

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro

    Says who? who died and made you Queen of deciding what pregnant women should or shouldn't wear:? What do heels do someone in the womb?

  • courtneybaaaby

    Wow Jes, Geselle Huerta spelt you're the wrong way, cause grammar is so needed on celebuzz, get the fuck over it.

  • Jes

    You're also supposed to know the difference between your and you're by the time you're old enough to be on the internet.

  • Noah

    Because then the unborn baby will get the wrong idea and start dressing too promiscuous. Believe me, you don't want a slutty baby. They're a handful.

  • courtneybaaaby

    why, its not gonna kill the baby.

  • Geselle Huerta
    Geselle Huerta

    Your not suppose to wear heels when your pregnat!