Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower

  • Jessica Simpson's Baby Shower
Guests seen at Jessica Simpson's baby shower in Los Angeles, California on March 18, 2012. Guests included her sister Ashlee Simpson and son Bronx, Jessica Alba and her daughter Haven and Jessica's fiance Eric Johnson.
Source: FameFlynet
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  • Mooncake

    All women are different you dork. Not everyone is going to gain the same amount of weight during preganacy. Her kid is likely to weigh 11-12 pounds, seeing as her fiance is extremly tall, so maybe your baby was smaller. Don't pick on her and say she looks like a troll cause i think she looks beautiful and her pregnancy glow is wow.

  • Ruby

    That's true she's gained a lot more weight than most women do, you're right there. But we don't know her circumstances. I for one am not a doctor so I wouldn't know what makes a woman gain so much weight during pregnancy. If it was just that she was pigging out on food, she wouldn't look so healthy and beautiful in the face still.

  • Camille

    to all the people who thinks its ok to gain that much weight during pregnancy .... YOU ARE WRONG!!! ... when I was pregnant I gained the normal weight I was supposed to ... I didnt get like a TROLL !!