Johnny Depp On Set of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'

  • Johnny Depp On Set of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'
Johnny Depp filming new Tim Burton movie 'Dark Shadows' on location in Devon, UK on September 13, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • Rishi

    - Haven't you heard!?? They ARE models! LOL! Or at least they're just wintaig to be discovered . Amazing couple, right? You did a *beautiful* job with Melissa's makeup. Thanks so much for taking good care of her, Marisa.06.19.10 11:05pm

  • tj

    have these two been hit in the head???this dosen't even look remotly like Barnabas Collins!!!they need to at least watch DARK SHADOWS before thinking about a movie, then they would realize some things are best left as they are!!!

  • James M. Keane
    James M. Keane

    These photos just show that neither Tim Burton nor Johnny Depp are competent to handle Dark Shadows. He should look like Jonathan Frid, not a sex maniac bleach faced Michael Jackson. We don't need someone who played with children shown on screen even if it's not him. Series 1 was excellent. Series 2 was excellent. Series 3 (blond long-haired rocker Barnabas and Japanese Julia Hoffman) was a disaster. Any reason to think 4 will be anything but atrocious? Bring back Dan Curtis!

  • Andrew Bayuk
    Andrew Bayuk

    HERE's the song with video:

  • Andrew Bayuk
    Andrew Bayuk

    I take a wait and see attitude, you can't tell anything from a leaked picture, in the sunlight, walking to the actual filming. As another who ran home to see Dark Shadows, I think we all share a reverence for the show and both Depp and Burton have separately intimated that they will look to honor the feeling of the original series. I say give it a chance. And if you do want to hear a song that does remain true to the spirit of the character of Barnabas Collins, check out my own song about Barnabas here: