Johnny Depp On Set of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'

  • Johnny Depp On Set of Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows'
Johnny Depp filming new Tim Burton movie 'Dark Shadows' on location in Devon, UK on September 13, 2011.
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  • Jeffrey S. Nelson
    Jeffrey S. Nelson

    Why the garish makeup, stupid hat, and sunglasses? Jonathan Frid nailed the role, and Depp supposedly aspires to that why change things so much?

  • Matt Dillon
    Matt Dillon

    If these photos are any indication of a Dark Shadows remake, it's already off to a bad start. I remember Barnabas Collins as a slightly creepy looking though average man (which made his vampire portrayal even more scary) not the Joker from the Batman movie or Beetlejuice. I had high hopes for this remake but if these photos are any indication, then I fear what we will get will be even worse that the Wild, Wild West remake movie a few years ago. What's with Johnny Depp anyway? Seems that his fame (like Michael Jackson) is based on the movies where he is made up like a clown.

  • Bob

    While I see the Jackson resemblance, I was sort of reminded of Jack Nicholson's Joker from the first Batman, also a Burton film.

  • Roy

    I hear he was talking about making the Lone Ranger and making Tonto the lead character!! I think he is retarded!!

  • Roy

    Hell, I thought he looked like Michael Jackson in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!

  • Miss RK
    Miss RK

    I say just leave Dark Shadows alone! It was not broke so there really is no need to fix it! I'd rather see the original. I am not a fan of the acting of Mr. Depp, but that aside, just leave it alone!

  • Andrew Bayuk
    Andrew Bayuk

    I take a wait and see attitude, you can't tell anything from a leaked picture, in the sunlight, walking to the actual filming. As another who ran home to see Dark Shadows, I think we all share a reverence for the show and both Depp and Burton have separately intimated that they will look to honor the feeling of the original series. I say give it a chance. And if you do want to hear a song that does remain true to the spirit of the character of Barnabas Collins, check out my song about Barnabas here:

  • lizzie310

    Why is it that however much makeup this man wears, he ALWAYS looks gorgeous?!! I live near Devon - I think I feel a trip to the coast coming on...