Jonas Brothers' Style Evolution

  • Jonas Brothers' Style Evolution
August 18, 2010- The Jonas Brothers flaunt nicely tailored suits to the New York premiere of 'Camp Rock 2.'
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  • Vanessa

    Topher is absolutely right; Joe has boemce one of the sexiest guys in the business, but this album cover makes him look TERRIBLE. I feel like the editor got overly excited about wanting his head to look symmetrical actually, the more I look at it, the more I'm convinced that they completely restructured his head and then slapped a cutout of his facial features on top, shrinking them until they weren't on the highlighted sides of his head, so they wouldn't have to worry about making the lighting match. Very, very lazy work. His next album cover better be a picture of him shirtless and soaking wet if they ever want to come close to making up for this crap.

  • jonas-crazy-chick

    i love them & their outfits but seriously Nick needs to relax and take off that tie