Josh Hutcherson Shows Off Tattoo in Sleeveless Shirt

  • Josh Hutcherson Shows Off Tattoo in Sleeveless Shirt
'Hunger Games' actor Josh Hutcherson was photographed playing basketball with a friend in Los Angeles, Calif., on April 18, 2012.
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  • spiniton85

    I agree that he is really short. But what really bothers me is that throat beard. He bothered to shave his chin and face, but not his throat! looks kind of gross.

  • spiniton85

    it's not a fan page. it's a celebrity gossip page. If you love him so much, go start "" and then you can remove people's opinions from the comments if you think they are so inappropriate. People are entitled to their opinion. Stop hiding behind the curtain of anonymity and let people say what they want without calling them names or harassing them. This is America and free speech is our right.

  • roman

    if people are gonna just slam josh and talk crap then they shouldn't be allowed to say it here. it's a fan page not a hater page. YOLO

  • ty

    umm i don't understand why people can't comment what they think

  • gab

    his height is beautiful, shut up.

  • Jessie Bedard
    Jessie Bedard

    He should be taller