Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss

  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss
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  • iggy-man

    true... so true... selena find someone else!



  • OMG

    Selena is not a slut! She is a very talented girl and I think that she isn't a slut!

  • beautiful10

    look @ that big KISSSS!

  • jada

    uh...im 17 and i have a kid...thats obviously not a good thing but im just sayin, u dont have to b old to have kids, and who cares if an old person comments on teen pop culture anyway? and for all u idiots who think its great fun to call her names put to better use describing yourselves, y cant u b satisfied to just look at the pics and say gee thats cute and get on with ur own goddamn life? i mean really...

  • mimi

    quit hating on selena!! they r obviously in love! u beliebers get way to territorial!!!! let justin be in love with out all u haters trying to ruin their relationship and honestly that is the stupidest and lowest thing anyone could ever do! seriously get over yourself! if you 'beliebers' really love and care about justin u should let him be happy. he obviously is very happy with selena

  • chloe

    she is a total b**ch \

  • chloe

    alyssa im with yuh too girl!! she is a dirtbag !

  • alyssa

    slena is a dirtbag she had like 5 or 15,000 boyfriendz

  • GEGE


  • liliana

    you jealous, selena is a beautiful girl and I'm sad people who call a 18 year old girl a bitch, just JEALOUS

  • liliana

    eso se llama CELOS

  • jessica

    uuh you bitch

  • sanna

    they should really stop denying it already! thats what makes me angry they were in hawaii making out and justin gropping sel's ass and they kiss in front on live tv but that damn justin and selena still claim theyre great friends.if they really are just friends than they must be friends with benifits because i dont kiss my guy friends. and last time i check sometimes girls put their bfs shirt on after theyve done it.

  • gab012

    awwww there so cute together i wish them the best :) :)

  • anila ajazaj
    anila ajazaj

    are sooo cute and soo beautiful theyre are in kising and in the lve i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Justin Bieber and i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu Selena Gomez

  • Hey

    I hate the fact that people call her a slut just because they are jealous. i think they're cute together and hope they last.

  • livesinafairytale

    You amuse me. Selena is not a slut, obviously. She's one of the classiest, sweetest girls left in Hollywood. She didn't do anything wrong because she kissed her boyfriend, who, by the way, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE. Just because you're jealous that Selena is with Justin doesn't mean you have to make up pathetic lies about Selena.

  • Ajah

    OK so people who think Selena has gotten so far in her life she actullay hasnt the only reason why she still sings is because her parents are rich people And everytime a FAMOUS BOY comes around is She dates them AND SHE ENDS UP GETTING MORE FAME and they go down the drain Selena only dates him for fame WATCH AS JUSTIN BIEBER GOES DOWN THE DRAIN BECAUSE OF HER SHE DID IT WITH TALOR LAUGHTNER IM NOT SAYING THAT I DONT WANT JUSTIN TO BE HAPPY AND NOT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND IM JUST SAYING HE NEEDS SOMEONE BETTER THAN HER AND THAT TRULY LOVES HIM SO PEOPLE JUST LETTIN YOU KNOW

  • JOJO

    Selena Gomez looks great!

  • Sabrina (the girl who stands up 4 JB AND SG)
    Sabrina (the girl who stands up 4 JB AND SG)

    Wow looks like someone is jealous! Selena is beautiful and is extremely talented kids,tweens,and teens luv her 2 death she's a big sweetheart Justin did well and so did selena how is she even a slut? Oh and btw she's famous all by herself so stop nagging her if justins happy u should be 2 JUST SAYING #JELENA POWER!!!

  • farah

    hopefully they will happily ever after.yea,i little bit jealous,but as a belieber im happy for him whatever he decide to do =)


    I used to love Selena Gomez and her songs. But now that she is dating that idiot of a 2 year old boy. She is the worst!!! P.S. I could say REALLY bad things if I wanted to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • numberonebitch

    OMG!!!! Justin Beaver ,Im sorry, I meant Justin Beiber. (How ever the hell you spell his name) got his first kiss!! Brings tears to my eyes. He's all grown up!!! LMFAO!!!

  • Ryan

    haha i got it :D

  • mandy

    Sparkle Sparkle !!!!

  • Wheaties414

    Speak the truth??? To hate on someoen you dont even know is NOT speaking the truth its showing how ugly and rude you are. This girl has come so far and is absolutely beautiful and deserves happiness just like everyone else. You shoudl take a long hard look in the mirror and learn to accept and be happy with yourself because calling an 18 year old girl a slut because of who she dated is nonsense. Time to re-evaluate your situation and jealousy cause it will consume you.

  • Ana Vukotic
    Ana Vukotic

    and she has 2 recods GOLD....and movies. series ....

  • Ana Vukotic
    Ana Vukotic

    she is beautifull and talented and she is not using justin bieber she is famous(very,very)and she has fans a lot( in facebook 19 millions yes yes)so why wood she usid him they are in love

  • pam angel
    pam angel

    it's ok .. i see justin bieber is happy ..

  • TJayde

    everyone chill! if you don't like Selena then that is fine, i personaly don't like her, so i don't really like Jelena BUT they are happy with eachother so leave them alone, if you really loved Justin you would want him to be happy - no matter who he is with.. follow me on twitter if you agree Tjayde :)

  • TJP

    okay i don't think she's a slut, but i do agree that she is using him for fame, she did the same when the jonas brothers were the 'big thing' then when twilight was big she dated taylor, and now JB is big and there she is. just for the record i dont hate Selena no, shes not my favorite but if Justin is happy with her us beliebers should try and be happy for him :)

  • hershy

    Obviously they love eachother if they are in hawaii spending time together.. They are in love.

  • Jen

    If you have a daughter you are way too old to be making comments like this. It's adult time.

  • sydsouth

    * "KICK ROCKS"!! lolz I used to say that all the time, nobody sais it too much these days. * xD

  • kkforever

    Flavor of the month?! no hunny its flavor of the years!!! ur just another hater!

  • kkforever

    u speak non sense!!! seriously! how is she a slut?!?!

  • kkforever

    OMG HATERS ON THE BLOGGSSS> kick rocks haters! They are both famous and who cares if they are with eachother! why would u possibly not like either of them?? Love u Selena and Justin!! My daughter adores u both! XO

  • sin

    You have it the other way around. Selena is the Star while Bieber is just a Flavor of the Month. He will fade away quickly while she stays relevant.

  • I Speak The Truth
    I Speak The Truth

    I hate Selena Gomez.I don't know why Justin Bieber is even with her.They should just breakup.She's a slut.Who is just using him for fame because she used up her 5 minutes of fame.

  • Veronica Lindo
    Veronica Lindo

    they are sooo cute!! Hopefully everyone will stop wondering if they are actually together