Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation
Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Maui, Hawaii. May 26, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Brooke

    Uhmmm..Whether or not some people think PDA is rude, if Justin wanted to kiss you in public, none of you would give a damn. People are just mad that he has a girl. So hate if you want, he isn't gonna give a damn. He's got millions. He doesn't need you. okaaay.

  • OMG

    You are such a creep, all the things you say aren't even true! Not even someone stupid will listen to you.

  • alexa

    i have a question why does justin biber has a tatto

  • jim

    hey you don't touch selena's ass

  • MrS.SeXy

    LISTEN U GUYS R BEIN STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessie

    Must be soo friggin annoying when paparazzi's hide and take photos of couples who want at least 5 minutes of privacy!

  • Gracee

    really grabing on too her but in pubilc that gross want is wrong with that boy want will happen next why wont the break justin is losing his fans why dont he go back to Jsmine V

  • MAE

    ..oh my god!..justin and selena kissing in a public.. i know this is normal in a person who has a relationship but , kissing in a public is not good.. i am only 14 years old but i know this is reAlly bad.. :D

  • MAE

    ..oh my god!..justin and selena kissing in a public.. i know this is normal in a person who has a relationship but , kissing in a public is not good.. i am only 14 years old but i know this is relly bad.. :D

  • lissa

    justin beiber is stupid and dumb and cares for nobody but him self hmmf

  • alicia

    u are soo right!

  • mimi

    hasn't anyone ever told you(kris) that PDA (Public Display of Affection) is kinda rude and really awkward for everyone else around them!? seriously if their going to be all touchy they should get a room!

  • el anonimo
    el anonimo

    hijo de remil putas qe sos bierber gay de mierda como vas a tocarla asi maricon de mierda forro puto de mierda ojala ya terminen esa relacion qe se de cuenta qe sos un asco

  • cynthia

    You have no right to criticize them they are teenagers. Teenagers do this all the time. So why is it different when it is celebrities. It sucks that teen celebrities get criticized for kissing when 13 and 14 year olds are having sex. I mean just because there picture are in the paper and we can see there every move does mean we have to criticize them.

  • Danielle

    I agree completely. People on here think that they control Justin and Selena, and they think that they aren't allowed to kiss/touch or anything. Come on! They're old enough to make their own decisions. They aren't the only ones who kiss in public, but since they're both very famous, everyone thinks that it's wrong, and the fans will do what they do, etc. I don't think that just because they kissed and Justin rested his hand on her butt, that every 10 year old fan is going to go have sex. I mean grow up people. Stop trying to control their life, and stop judging people you don't know. They're just normal teenagers growing up, exploring and having fun. Leave them be. And to all the adults ripping on them on here; leave them alone. Just because your 10 year old kid is a fan of them, doesn't mean that you have to be so immature about them kissing. #Jelena. <3

  • Danielle

    Somebody’s jealous of Selena. So stop hating on her just because you want to date him. Justin obviously loves her, not you. And no matter what you say to/about Selena, that’s not going to stop Justin from dating her. That’s just hurting Justin. You do realize that you’re talking trash about his girlfriend yet? I don’t think he appreciates that, so if I were you, I’d stop. You should be proud that he’s happy, not hating on someone you don’t even know. She’s gorgeous and one great role model. So what if you want to have Justin all to yourself? That’s probably not going to happen! And are you saying that Justin can't put his hands on his girlfriend? You're not in control of his life. It's not like he's touching her inappropriately. So what if his hand is on her butt? She doesn't mind, and it's not hurting anyone, so why is everyone freaking out? It's their life, not yours, so everyone needs to realize that, and stop trying to control them. They're 17 and 19/18, what do you expect from them? #Jelena.

  • teeter209

    :'( -_-,

  • Milly

    who said that this is bad ? :D they just fooling out you dumby :DD noboddy said that this is crime :DDD ohh...

  • brian

    what happen why is justin biber touching selan gomez ass

  • Someday

    Justin vi siete persi waist!! Atleast you don't see him grabbing her titties which would be gross!!!

  • Someday

    ''Clap on'' ''Ahhh,Clap off'' ''Clap on'' ''I didn't know was going to find LandHoe, Clap off'' Come in questa foto, Clap Off... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! *gags* (as in this photo,Clap off,) (Cause it's disgusting) Slow your roll Bieber!

  • Shania


  • DUDE


  • Tazmine Reid-Jones
    Tazmine Reid-Jones

    Hmm......dunno what to make of this. i mean, YEAH they're teens and its normal to do stuff like that, but on the other hand, they KNOW that the paparazzi are taking pics of them so at least they could keep it decent until they're in the hotel. Not a hater...just confused.........

  • Larissa

    Look, the only reason I think it's inappropriate is because they have young fans and I don't think they should be that public, you know? And I'm pretty sure that they'd seen the paparazzi taking pictures of them so yeah...it was their choice to do it..they knew paparazzi were taking pictures.

  • shescooool

    My mama would have tooooooaawwww my ass up...

  • keke

    Damn he squeezing that booty! LOL.

  • hanna997

    If you don't wanna look at this, don't go to these sites, cause honey this is real life.

  • jessica

    go for it no ones buging

  • ghuerta.

    I think its fineee that they do that because they are a couple and they are NOT little kids anymore, i dont think they're gonna be laying around hide and seek or something like that.. Its just kinda shocking that they would do that becausee first they wouldnt even say they were a couplee, secondd they have young fanss and the thirdd reasoon is becausee we fell like they are kinda too young to be doing that some celebss that are older and are marriedd arent even spotedd doing that in public! But what everr its they're lifee .. peoplee should just worry about their onee.

  • Tess

    oh wow this is funny to watch all yall get so crazy over a guy and a girl that are young adults having fun. Who in the hell freaken cares if justin grabbs selenas butt theyre a cute couple and in the honeymoon phase of being in luv so butt out

  • natachanal

    Oh My god junstin , has exitation lol

  • 5000kit

    she was hospitalized for a different reason I hate it when people just assume with out proper facts never assume only go for the correct answer check your facts when you look this stuff up and use sever sources come on you all should know better

  • lolweird

    i bet all the people on justin's/selena's side are 18 or less :)

  • kris

    This is so stupid yall r actiin like idiots they're freakiin 17 and 18 leave em alone..... they have hormones if u haven't noticed no one's perfect at all!.At least they're not sitting dere having sex in front of yall, calm down they have much more respect for it's they're life, not yours, stop worrying about it and get ur own!.! He's a boy she's a girl, how bad is this really? It' nothing, if u think this is bad, yu haven't faced life yet.. Grow up!

  • Ida

    Uhm. Nothing wrong about selena and bieber having sex. In Norway, a lot of thirteen years old lose their virginity. I lost mine at fifteen, to an eighteen year old, and it's completely normal. The only reason why people are reacting, is because bieber and gomez are both celebrities!

  • vero

    i honestly don't see anything wrong with it. they're a couple and they're happy with each other. i understand the whole, "they have young fans" thing but hey, they're growing up you can't expect them to be worried about that all the time. as far as losing respect for them, i haven't.

  • eyanna

    excuse me i am 12 years old and i know thats not right so that sets a bad example and some of there fans are 5 and 6 like my sisters and i dont want to see a boy touching all over them at there age its not right even at the age of 15 when ur a celeb u have no privacy so um sel and justin get a room!!

  • eyanna

    excuse me i am 12 years old and i know thats not right so that sets a bad example and some of there fans are 5 and 6 like my sisters and i dont want to see a boy touching all over them at there age its not right even at the age of 15 when ur a celeb u have no privacy so um sel and justin get a room!!

  • Kayla

    Big grab .....whut ever happned to innocent justin?! I shoulod post this on Disney channel website LOL that stupid

  • Kayla

    Big grab .....whut ever happned to innocent justin?! I shoulod post this on Disney channel website LOL

  • hanna

    baby, baby, baby ohhhhhhhhhhh, ur ass feels so gooooood! man fuck those 2 sluts!

  • idk

    why da f**k iz he grabbin al up on her booty lik dat 4 if they were a teen couple dat were da same age then it would b ok but lik he iz lik 2 much of a baby 2 b grabbin up on her booty lik he iz play wif a pillow

  • piper

    something tells me shes not a virgin anymore. i mean, the whole hispitalized thing? sex isnt a joke. especially for a body that isnt evolved, thin, and weak. mayb shes not pregnant, but yea definetly OMG

  • Paulina

    It seems to me he is trying to reach farther then what he can...Yeah, thats very christian of him.

  • hanna997

    like I sead, so what? they should be able to do everything that a normal teenagers do. and those "young" fans are also teenagers and they like when celebreties are having a normal life 'cause than they feel like they know them and don't feel like crap because they aren't sucsesfaul like them. and how can they know when the paparazzi is there? O.o

  • James Rumohr
    James Rumohr

    Welllll its just shocking to see bieber's hand and allaa this. I really thought he was a girl :P

  • Jodie

    Well they wouldnt have to monitor what they do if you people wouldnt stop letting your kids being raised by the telivison and media. They can do whatever they want to do if there family allows it. They dont need Hollywoods oppion. And Im 13 and saying this fucking losers get a life and stop trying to live others. JELENA<3

  • Jenny

    omg. as a selenator and belieber i looved them going out. but now this. i mean two yrs apart its fine and not against the law. but by this picture and the rest... no wonder they say Selena might be pregnant. god, i feel bad for Selena if she is pregnant cause then it'd be against the law. cause she's already 18 and having sex with someone under 18 (like justin) is like rape. tisk. tisk.

  • courtneybaaaby

    haha biggest grab!

  • d nga?
    d nga?

    she really has no ass. selena is a BITCH!

  • none

    stop saying grow up to everyone. say grow up to yourself. duh

  • duh?

    there's really nothing wrong with showing affection.but why do they have to show it to the whole world?you can still show affection when you're in private. maybe you're the one who needs to grow up.

  • duh?

    once?what makes you think he only did this to selena?stupid..

  • 1

    it doesn't mean that its NORMAL, then its RIGHT. no wonder so many teens get pregnant even before they get married.

  • 1

    i absolutely agree with you.

  • 1

    Meriam Mendiola Manglona,just because almost every teenager today are having sex way younger than they did before, doesn't mean that its right. if selena and bieber really can't control themselves why can't they just do it in private?and Guest, they're doing this obscene thing in public. how much more when they are in private?children idolize them. they should be good role models. its not the paparazzi's fault, its theirs. why do they have to show the whole world that they're making out and touching each others butt. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!


    Its not like all they ever do is kiss and other things that's just what the paparazzi take. Put yourself in his place your trying to make out with your girl friend and the paparazzi are spying on you. It wouldnt be fun go easy on the kid

  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    no pride...kids smh

  • Meriam Mendiola Manglona
    Meriam Mendiola Manglona

    i think its safe to say they are no longer virgins.... lets face it in this day and age kids are having sex way younger than they did before...

  • chaale

    tell that to the people taking the pictures. It's thier free time. They're only human.

  • chaale

    For all those poeple talking shit about Selena Gomez's butt it sure looks like Justin enjoys them! lol haters.

  • G

    That fact is that young fans are the reason these two are famous. That is why they should set an example in public. If it wasn't for the young fans, no one would be taking pictures of two pubescent kids groping each others asses...

  • Anne

    Did you hear about how Selena stopped wearing her purity ring? Wonder why *said in sarcasm*.

  • JiggzJay

    bosss!! :D ......im not to fond of you but...u jus got a rating from me XD

  • Phanit Sarisud
    Phanit Sarisud

    don't have idea just love JB so if he happy will have too

  • Hey

    Lighten up people..

  • Hey

    Totally agree

  • Hey

    Why would he then go on to take her to see and meet his family if it wasnt genuine, they are young of course she may not be IN love with him just yet but she may love him they are still young.

  • Hey

    People say she has no ass.. well justin doesnt seem to mind it! stop hating and go do something better. let them be, the dont have to stop or do anything just because they have young fans or are famous... papz or whoever shouldnt take pictures if they dont want it seen or slag it off. simple. Just aint gonna say single forever so just get over it, one day he's gonna get married and have kids just like any normal human being. and sorry to say it to ya but not all of ya's are gonna marry him. Build a bridge and get over IT! & stop hating.... i like them both but i aint no huge, hating, death threatening fan. they deserve all the happiness and good luck to them both, GOOD DAY.

  • Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton
    Jenna PrettygirlSwagger Felton

    Woah there buddy .. ur leading ur hands in the wrond direction

  • joss

    ahhh the fans... how jealous they are , tatts 09 who are you for judge him? please all the fans grow up nobodys tell what its right and what not whatever the kids cause they grow up too and maybe they do the same things but justin and selena are young adults they can do wathever they wants and then has to took the consecuens in his way (sorry 4 my english im latinoamerican) followme the good ones -chapulin colorado-

  • bob

    It's only illegal when one person is 21 or older and the other is younger than 18.

  • tatts09

    please do not even attempt to be sarcastic...you lack the brains for it and also please..i know there are stupid people in this world but you..you marinate in your stupidity.now run along and go play with your dolls..oh,and mom jokes are lame..try harder..

  • Guest

    you all crack m up (: Its consensual, but just because he's touching her ass doesn't mean they're having sex. and to those complaining about them fooling around infront of paparazzi..you do know they were probably stalked by paparazzzi the whole time? if you don't want your children seeing it then dont let them..i doubt a 6 year old can work a computer brilliantly in the first place to find these photos :/

  • noname

    you make me laugh,(: commenting on all peoples posts & saying that its okaay to touch when youre 17 - girl yoour gonna end up pregnant(nooofense) & why are you like frreaking stalker on what peoplee comment it's their opinioon why do you care? it's not like if you are justin or selena ,getalife:)

  • Bieber is a fag
    Bieber is a fag

    Eh, it wont go too far. When selena sees how small his penis is she will leave him. Ha ha

  • jessica90210

    too far jb clam down

  • jessica90210

    ugh justin's hands he better wash them (just sayin) jk =]

  • londonlady

    go on my son! lol! yeah...they're horny teenagers who love to screw - good for them!

  • londonlady

    so your mums a lesbian huh...you must have learnt alot from her.

  • londonlady

    jealous much?

  • londonlady

    Why should he slow down? you're only young once; go for it Bieber - not that he needs telling!

  • Abbi H
    Abbi H

    If iii were there iii would slap selena and makeout wiff Justin *-.- Than again iii wasnt there.

  • nini

    get it justin!! ahaha

  • Diana Carrizales
    Diana Carrizales

    justin and selena are u afraid that people sayed your doin this for publisity only i think ur both in love but sometimes i think your doing it for publisity love diana

  • Fatima

    whooahhh.... Assss Grabb! :O And isnt it illegal for them to be kissing it in public.... shes 18 and he is 17?

  • Cecy

    Ok, fine they are young and in love. But people what happen to the morals in life. Selena has tons of fans as well as Justin. Many of these fans are way under 10 years of age. I mean Congrats on their relationship but dang if you are going to be groping each other like that do it VERY privately. They need to remember that they are PUBLIC figures. As far as I'm concern (and being Hispanic) this does not speak well for Selena's mom. I really did think Selena was going to be different than them other hoochies in Hollywood. I guess not. That's a shame.

  • kaya

    plus half your daughters are already plotting on how to lose their virginity to him so tht is something you need to worry about and not what he does with his girlfriend

  • kaya

    all i have to say is there is nothing wrong with it. for the most part the ppl saying this is inappropriate are people tht grew up in like the 60's. this is totally not uncommon in this day and age. i think parents just dont want to talk to their kids. if you dont have sense enough to tell your child tht they shouldnt do this because they r too young etc. then thts your fault not justin's or selena's. I see worst than this in public places. people get real, they dont stop having lives just because you choose to give up yours to follow every single moment of theirs.

  • daequan

    duh of course their gonna have sex

  • daequan

    get over it who cares where his hands are shes a beautiful and girl who wouldnt and besides their grown up now

  • Qasim Buttar
    Qasim Buttar

    i wanna touch that ass

  • Sel

    No I know why she chose stop wearing the purity ring she had since she was 12.

  • hahahaha

    actually I think the majority of people have a problem with public affection, otherwise this would not be so much of a controversy. Personally, I'd tell them to take it to a room, doesn't matter which one, just go to one.

  • Mary

    I bet they're doing that just coz they know ppl are looking... he's trying to hide he's gay...

  • Carmenalex

    You misogynist pig. Why not call him a slut. He's the one doing it. Its consensual. They both want it, so if your gonna label, label them both sluts, or its ok for guys to stick their penis where they want to but the girls are not allowed to enjoy their sexuality?

  • Mandy

    By the way, I think the pic is HOT!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    I totally agree.

  • Mandy

    In trouble? What is going to happen to her? Is she going to get grounded? Give me a break, she is 18. Where do you get your info from cause some one is filling your head with stories girl.

  • Mandy

    I think everyone leaving negative comments on here is ridiculous.Who cares about their pda, they are old enough. Any other couple on the beach doing that would not even be noticed. Its only cause they are famous. They are at a point now where they want to show the world they are in love and together, where is the shame in that? If you dont want your children to see it, then dont let them see it. Let hem act their age without ridicule. As for you jealous little kiddy's, you wouldnt care about his hands on her ass if it was you in the pic so shut up. When you grow up and mature a little maybe you will understand what it means to be in love and want to share your joy and let everyone know your in love. Stop hating on Selena, she is an amazing young woman and Justin is happy. Everyone being negative needs to grow the fuck up. Seriously, this is getting old. If you guys are true fans you would respect him and stop hating, he probably thinks we are bunch of fucking idiots. What is wrong with people today, it's like they have no brains and no common sense.

  • Get a Grip
    Get a Grip

    Wow, seriously people need to get a grip. They're young adults and this is what young adults do. We've all been there, just didn't have the Papp's snapping pics of it happening. Them having young fans has absolutely nothing to do with their lives. It's up to you as parents to sensor what your children see and to make sure that they know what behavior is appropriate for their age group.

  • Brittany Seremak
    Brittany Seremak

    GUY'S, Selena said that she wasn't in love with Justin to a magizine, and Justin saw it and wanted to get revenge, so he did this to her, he hired a photographer that was a close friend to take pics of them at the beach and he had the opprotunity to do this to her for revenge and the guy he hired put these on the internet hoping that her mom would see and she would get in trouble. Justins mom knows about what Selena said and she knows that he did this so she is fine with it.

  • Brittany Seremak
    Brittany Seremak

    GUY'S, this is his revenge to her because she said she wasn't in love with him. He hired a photographer that is one of him close friends. He took the opprotunity to do that, he did it on purpose, he told the guy to put these on the internet hoping that her mom would see them, and have her get in trouble. His mom knows that he did thiss.

  • Nothing

    get it in!

  • honeebee

    I totally agree with Larissa, also!

  • honeebee

    I agree, Jocelyn, if she is letting him touch her like that then something must be going on, what happened to him saving himself till marriage! AND all the young girls seeing this is sending the wrong message to him. He has put hinself out there as a role model he needs to live up to it!

  • honeebee

    and that is exactly why we have so many teen pregnancies! Slow it down!

  • honeebee

    I think the 2 of them should use better judgement. Not only do they have young fans but keep private things private. There is no need for that type of display in public. His hands do not need to be where he has them so publicly displayed!

  • looloobeezy

    His hand is half-way up her booty crack! Daaaaang. Slow it down Biebs!

  • hanna997

    with who? me? -.-'

  • Theresa Cyrus
    Theresa Cyrus

    Oh no! From hooking out, toching her ass, then what next??!!.. SEX

  • Guest

    I think you don't understand what's the point. Talking with you is like never-ending job.

  • hanna997


  • lolz@you

    lolz at all the haters, chics hatin on her and dudes wishing they was him rofl. get a grip folks atleast its not a damn sex tape like some of the other "disney" stars. that comes the day he turns 18...Damn nice ass though little miss gomez.

  • hanna997

    yea they have alot of young fans, but so what? ;p does that mean that they shouldn't have a lafe? ;p

  • Blablah

    Wtf justin, never thought u'll do that

  • tatts09

    err..that's why i said "in public"..if they wanna fuck like two lesbian rabbits behind closed doors then hoothefuckrah for them...but when your considered to be an inspiration or an idol to young kids all over the world then it would have been nice to beahve like one..not a little horny thing groping his gf's bum in public..knowing that paps are following his little prepubescent arse around..what message is he showing his young fans?

  • johanna

    the awkward moment you see bieber being touchy feely on gomez...and you realize she's legally an adult and he's still a minor.. nothin' against them, it's just when you really think about it, it's kinda funny

  • rein

    WTF>< ireally hate you , you fucking slot SELENA GOMEZ

  • random

    wish that was me!!!!!!!!!

  • taty

    woooaaa justin! umm.. i think you missed her waist?

  • Justin and Selly
    Justin and Selly


  • SugarLips

    Does that makes Selena a cougar? X)

  • Justin

    I totally agree with you Larissa.

  • Justin

    Yeahh..... i agree that they are young adult but they are still very veryyyy young; and they dont think in their small fans ( 8 years old-13 yeras old ) !!!!! I dont like all Those things they are doing in front of Paparazi !!!!!! OMG,It Is Really Innapropiate for their small Fans !!!!!!!

  • rein

    WTF>oh my, u fucking SELENA ur a flirty butthole IhateYou>FLIRTY ASSHOLE

  • chelsie

    what the heck he is like squezzing her butt that makes me peed off

  • chrisbr

    Nothing wrong with growing up, but as long as their audience consists exclusively of children, they really should save it for the bedroom. If they lose the children, there is no audience, lol. Then again, they have enough money between the two of them, they no longer need the children!

  • nameSHOW

    first off u can say im jealous, i might be, but be that as it may, he doesnt need to be grabbing her ass like that, too bad selena :c

  • Sun shine
    Sun shine

    they are stupid Justin to fuck in the ass Selena

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    And if you're an adult on here and say you didnt kiss anyone before or at 17/18 you were either very ugly at before/at 17/18, or a LIAR!

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Many people on here are saying its "innapropraite" for them to be touching and kissing each other. Helllloooooo! They are 17/18 years old. If they are old enough to enlist in the military, I think they are old enough to touch/kiss each other. The adults on here commenting are ridiculous. Think about the things YOU were doing when you were 17/18....THE SAME EXACT THING. They are young adults like you and I! And they show affection just like everybody else. Grow up people.

  • sydsouth

    * baby baby baby..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Selina make me smile!!! * xD

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Inappropriate? What planet do you live on? They are a couple on vacation together. They are young adults and young adults touch each other.

  • Joanna Bambina Narvaez
    Joanna Bambina Narvaez

    yep hahah i bet their "people" gave them the talk that pda is inappropriate for the public especially for them HAHAHA!! poor guys.... !Go on show your love out there for the world to see.. so whatever!! haha

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Touching/Groping and penetration are two different things. Just because she lets him touch does not mean they are having sex.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    You hate a person that you dont even know? Grow up.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    All Disney Channel stars do not "go bad" after a while, THEY GROW UP, like everyone else.

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Celebrities do not have to censor EVERYTHING they do in public/private just because they have young fans. Selena and Justin are young adults and young adults touch each other.

  • brightonrocks

    OMG everyone whos saying their having sex cause he has his hands on her ass it doesnt mean that they both believe in no sex till marriage so what if they do other stuff they are almost adults who cares and evryone saying they have to be rolemodels to your kids thats gonna be pretty hard to do 24/7 and ur kids should have more common sense if their 6 not to put their hands on peoples arses gods sake leave them alone they are oviously in love and niether one of them has changed each other theve just grown up they are just finding out who they are give them the time to be teenagers it probably really hard growing up in the spotlight

  • Kathya

    i think Selena Gomez has no shame !!!!!!!! I think she has lost her innocence !!!!!!!!! well…she is now 18 years old….they are growing up and is understandable that their hormones are waking up and STIRRING….heheheehhe :D

  • Baber

    Selena's purity ring... *poof*

  • tatts09

    no,i think what shocked "guest" is the fact that we all know justin bieber is actually a girl and that miss bieber and miss gomez have young fans..they don't have to act like horny apeshits in public...

  • tatts09

    baby baby baby..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness!!!

  • lotte

    awh theire so cute!

  • K

    I think his fingertips can already feel Selena's you know.. Down there....

  • Larissa

    his hands are not on her ass...his hands are practically IN her ass...this is way inappropriate...you could kiss and hug but this...

  • BIbbi

    OH yeah Bieber fuck that bitch, u do it like a pro

  • NIcki

    How, have u never seen a teen couple or ?

  • jasmine

    they are so fucking

  • Jordynn

    they've changed each other. not in a positive or negative way... just in... a way. kinda cute but can he not be creepin on her like that?

  • mum

    this is a definite sign that they are having sex. look he put his hand up in her butt omg i mean im happy for happy couples but my 6 yr old loves him and if she was to see this she would think it was ok to touch other peoples butts.

  • lucilaamarquezz

    my god!!!

  • Jocelyn Aguilar
    Jocelyn Aguilar

    It doesn't mean that they're gonna have sex yeah... BUT a girl who has not had sex with her bf doesn't just let him touch her there. Just sayin' It doesn't matter though. It doesn't matter though. Everyone has a right to do things they want WHEN they want.

  • Polly

    get over it people! being touched on the ass does not mean they are going to have full on sex! disney stars or not, they're still people. its not really their fault they're constantly being hounded by the papparazzi!

  • Jazdy Jazmine Quiterio
    Jazdy Jazmine Quiterio

    omg his hands watch yo hands boy

  • katelyn

    i agree with danielle imean of course its a little gross but its cute too. im 13 and i think its romantic just give selena a chance and justin selena is great and im sure weve all made mistakes so just be happy for them selena is nice and so is justin im one of selena biggest fan so please grow up dont be jelous over selena because you cant get jb be happy for them

  • danielle

    you people act like you were never teenagers getting groped in public at one point. it's NORMAL get over it -_-

  • miss_scarleth

    These two can not keep their hands off each other. We all know your both getting some, now get a room. lol xo

  • Janelle Holland
    Janelle Holland

    doesn't leave much for the imagination, wonder what they did after, I am glad my young son doesn't like him, and think this is how you should act in public, they might as well have sex right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • V.

    Well, my, my. He needs to get those hands in check.

  • natasha99

    I hate he is such a f****** loser and.....wtf is he doing with his hand on her ass???

  • Sabrina

    What up with justin's hands both of them r touching her ass!!! Actually squeezing her ass!!!!

  • Sabrina

    What up with justin's hands both of them r touching her ass!!!

  • none

    The only reason why i think that inappropriate is because he has young fans and so does she. HELLO! She's with Disney Channel! All Disney stars go bad sooner or later. Haha.

  • leticia pimenta
    leticia pimenta

    e essa mão boba aí ? hahaha

  • yadi98

    wtf!? his hand! xDD

  • Julia

    wondering what his folks have to say about that... :/ his hand is just a touch low.

  • alexis

    i wonder what your mom has to say about this

  • alexis

    ummmmmm dont you think your hands r to low

  • Guest

    It's strange...

  • idaolivia


  • Helena

    Uhhhh Justin Hands...