Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation
Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Maui, Hawaii. May 26, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • OMG

    What in the world..... oh yeah, after a game of Patty Cake they decided to go back to kissing.

  • Kat

    See this is what i meen ,people are too obsessed with him ,he has his own life leave him the f*** alone!Honestly i don't really like him ,but this with people telling Selena there gonna kill her,and beat her up has gotta STOP but seriously like he would ever date u ?No offense.but hes a celebrity its time 2 move on stop hating Selena ,hes prob the one that asked her out .so why don't u hate him?hes a teen,young adult ,just like every one else ,and if he wasn't a celeb would u still like him and i know u would say ''YES''but think about it if u didn't ever know him what would u do ?Leave him alone and his gf he obviously loves her and she loves him ,there in love ,leave him ALONE

  • Kat

    Let me guess, You ABSOULUTELY LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER ,right ?and do u see him ?he is HAPPY ,so why dont u just be happy right back for him ,and if u think he was ever gonna date u?no offense but,hes a celebrity,and so is she,he obviously LOVE'S her cuz there is ALOT OF KISSING,im happy for Selena cuz i love her and there people just like me and u ,there teens,young adults just like every one else so why dont u just leave them ALONE

  • jessica

    oh chelsea is jealous

  • like a g bihh. ;D
    like a g bihh. ;D

    you fail ;p they've been crushin on each other for like 2 years now. can you grow up? its not like there 12. they're fucking adults.. you were never his in the first place so yall needa hushh yur asses downn. lil 12 yr old jits. ;D

  • Blair Shanks
    Blair Shanks

    You guys were never going to date him in the first place!

  • chelsea

    fuk u selena i heat u noww & Justin u jst dissappointed me im nt ur fan anymur

  • Aliyah:)

    i hate selena gomez now because why would she date him and knowing that like half of his FUCKING fans will be pissed off about that! i mean that bitch just disgust me now i used to be a really big fan but now im not because i really liked justin bieber and now she's FUCKING kissing him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its mostly just jeleausly! >:(



  • G6xx

    Her mum must be very proud

  • L

    They look alot like Zanessa in this pic!!! Seriously. Look at them! They are sooo adorable!!!