Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Beach Vacation
Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Maui, Hawaii. May 26, 2011.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • People,

    Shouldn't you guys be happy for who you are now? Do you wanna get trampled by people cause your famous and stuff? Just back off, its too obvious you guys are just jealous.

  • OMG

    I saw them have sex but they were covered up with a blanket.

  • maya

    i am 11 and i really wish i could meet justin and or selena but they are cute and all and i agree with you lilo92 i am 1 of the kids that was heart broken that they kissed eachother in the mtv awardes or whatever that was but anyway they really deserve eachother!

  • Asister Marrhiane Lambert
    Asister Marrhiane Lambert

    if they had sex already they should be thinking it first before they do it..Ps i am not a hater..

  • chloe

    but why should they have 2 hide their life from people ? i mean why would kids be looking up selena and justin bieber any way ?

  • kaylee

    awwwwwwwww what a cute cuple wish selena was me

  • jessica

    so romantic

  • Allison

    Is Justin purposing to Selina I hope they are not getting merried

  • lilo92

    I have nothing against them! I love selena gomez justin not so much (i have nothing against him) they are a normal teen couple i understand, me being 18 going on 19 i understand but i just feel like they should keep it a little more on the down low because of the younger fans. or would you allow your 18 yr old daughter run off to hawaii with her under aged boyfriend who she has been with for like 4 month? i know my mama would have wooped my ass. im just saying if they were a little older or longer together atleast it would be okay.

  • me!

    demi lovato looked happy too...

  • manny

    okkkkkk everyone has personal body preference , and justin likes selena for who she is. and i do agree with you Lisa, they can do all the PDA they want they are at the appropriate age and its their lives. if they do something stupid or immature they just gotta know the consequence's. but they seem happy, really happy. <3 go justin and selena!!

  • Lisa

    Seriously? Selena is 18 , Justin is like nearly 17 , their doing what other teens would do , as in the PDA part. I wouldn't be so happy about the holiday , but still. Their just teens and Selena hasn't been in a relationship in ages so just be happy for them both. Stop saying things about her ..ass. I'd rather have a small one that a big one , jus' sayin..

  • G6xx

    WOAH R U FRIKEN SRS i woodnt be surprised

  • lilo92

    It may be their life i understand and i love selena gomez. you know, but all the groping and making out and PDA is bad becuse they are role models to younger children. My 10yr old little sister LOVES them and i dont want her to think its okay that at age 16 or 17 its okay to go off to hawaii and let her boyfriend grope her and all the PDA. Yes they are a couple and its normal but as celebreties especially for younger people they should know the media is always around and they should keep it on the down low you know.

  • Abbi H
    Abbi H

    iii suggest chu getting a life to.

  • asdfghjkl

    it is their life what does it matter. quit being so jealous and be happy they actually have a life.

  • Kailee

    Justn and Selena already had sex while he was on his MWT

  • @Justinbieber

    Love birds

  • lovers


  • mindy


  • ash

    justin we bring her to bed she wants to fuck