Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss and Cuddle at Hockey Game

  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss and Cuddle at Hockey Game
Justin Bieber took his girlfriend Selena Gomez to see the Winnipeg Jets’ hockey game in Canada. The two sat in a private suite hugging and kissing throughout the entire game.
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  • ofwgkta

    dude this isnt fuckin iran

  • Get Your Head Out Your Ass Holly Keller
    Get Your Head Out Your Ass Holly Keller

    sorry Holly Keller but your 15 daughter probably is out there doing this, she just doesn't tell you Im 16 and I go out there doing this and see younger kids doing it

  • Holly Keller
    Holly Keller

    they are both adults, showing PDA like all other adults do!!! are they naked? no! i have a 15 year old & no she wouldn't be doing this, but these two are both adults & i totally don't see anything wrong with what they're doing!

  • anonymous

    sooo cute u cn tell they want to be together xx

  • Greg

    July 22, 1992. Might I suggest you do the math, if you dont believe she's 19.

  • Itie

    Oh how sweet.............:) that's too cute :) <3

  • Allison

    I am!

  • Lauren

    I love biebers hair! Whos with me????????

  • Lauren

    well...she is an adult but he isnt an adult yet...he is only 17 and she is 19...are they really going out still????

  • pak31

    I have been to Hockey games and the private suites are at the very top of the stadium, above all the other spectators. I don't know what you are talking about.

  • lysha

    Shut the heck up you hating ass old man.

  • o-o

    they are allowed to do what they want they're not kids hes 17 shes 19 you should let them do what they want there just happly living there live 'young love' :)

  • Anna

    Yes, they have the right to a normal life, which includes being able to kiss in public, and show how much they love each other. BUT they must not forget wheter they like it or not they are role models to young kids. Including my 6 year old niece. I still remember that ass grabbing and boob grabbing, and tongue exchange in Hawaii...NOT okay. He's a minor. Plues they knew they were being photographed. PUBLICITY STUNT.

  • swag25

    they are inlove and happy so haterz just shut the fuck up

  • swag25

    no they didnt

  • swag25


  • ari

    do youre saying you kiss ur grandma with more passion way to go!!! u prbobly dont even kiss ur bf like that thats kinda_________wait i mean beyond gross so stfu

  • iamcasey723

    So what if you think they're too young! They love each other and will show it. It's not their fault they're famous and pictures will be taken everytime they kiss or something

  • Shauna

    and he's 17

  • Shauna

    she's 18

  • Shauna

    she's 18 not 19 i think i should kno wen she's my favoutite disney channel star thank u very much !!!1

  • Jaime

    you guys left out the one where hes grabbing her boobs lol

  • missunderstood

    Lol you're a joke!!!!Go fuck your yourself you wanker!!!

  • QasimButtar

    i hope i was in place of justin i simply love selena

  • ez

    if kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend in public is classed as indecent exposure in america which i highly doubt then america needs to get with the 21st century

  • Bo

    Are you just not happy with yourself? I mean there are other forums you can go to, to express your lonely feelings. I mean come on.. it's a little, what.. it's very short sighted of you to say these things. They"re old enough & actually can do whatever they want in public.. as long as it's kissing & hugging. Yeah.. they are famous and Yeah they are in the publicity with whatever they do.. but that's not their problem if people don't like what they see. It's not fair to think they couldn't do stuff as any other regular teenager just because they're famous. Go crawl back into your little cave & be sulky

  • alexandra

    they are old enough to kiss in public...its just too bad that they have people taking pics of them all the time. I don't like them or anything, im just saying. there's nothing wrong with kissing when you are 19.

  • SupportJDB

    Mr OH,,, You are a SICK piece of work. You have a filthy mind and mouth. And yes my idiotic friend I have been to many hockey games. 'Go Leafs Go' you asshole

  • ohoohoh

    ugh news flash they're arent even kissing. If you think its "young love" than your insane. they arent even touching lips and they both look like they thinks it digusting. they look like 13 year olds and the boy is gay kissing

  • ohoohoh

    me? ugh no i live in america where if you look up the laws its illegal to do all those things in public. all of those fall under the category indecent exposure. where do you live? some backwards redneck town in alabama?

  • ohoohoh

    now this is my response to misunderstood. ' Im going to try not to call you an idiot because i ahve this huge urge to curse you out. "there are people younger having sex" and that makes it right?? first of all if anyone under 15 is having sex its kind of sick. and your making it seem like it okay. im sure you live in like the ghetto or something and think thats normal. and i doubt there love life is real. look at them they're not even kissing thats the way i like kiss my grandmother. thats not a real kiss they're kissing like a 13 yr old, also, i really want to know what you think of teenagers? im 19 and no not all teenagers are sexual the area i live in most kids had sex around like 16-18. and any one having sex before then was a slut. why dont you ask a actual teenager before making these stupid assumptions. plus, he wasnt even doing anything he just was stating his opinion and if there is one thing i hate its people thinking they can tell other people not to say something. its there right so maybe you want to brush up on your constituion okay?

  • What the !!!!???
    What the !!!!???

    You're nuttier then a two headed squirrel. Where do you live Iran?

  • ohoohoh

    okay this is for supportJBD. have you ever been to a hockey game? i dont think so because the private boxes arent that high. if you are sitting on the other side you can see the people up there. plus, they know they are famous so why would they think someone with a telescopic lens wouldnt take a picture? It is there fault. and 2nd i love when i see slutty people on the internet. Your quote: "who in the hell over the age of 12 hasnt kissed there boyfriend or girlfriend?" um...actually anyone who isnt slutty. If a girl is kissing and they're 13 it's a little skanky. i would say "who over the age of 14 hasnt kissed there boyfriend". so be careful what you say because sometimes it makes you sound stupid. but, oh wait! it doesnt matter what you say im sure you could find a way to be stupid anyway.

  • ohoohoh

    u actually no she cant. Just because you are over the age of 18 it doesnt mean that you can do what you want in public. actually when youa re over the age of 18 you can get arrested for doing just that. Just because someone is over 18 doesnt mean they can expose there genitials take of there shirt or go pee in public. either you are just stupid or dont have a brain at all. so pleaser get a clue.

  • missunderstood

    There are Kids that are younger than these two,who are having sex,just because they in the spotlight means they can't have a love life? even if it's puppy love who cares! they are real people with real feelings and deserve to live a normal life and i believe most teenage's are sexual!!!! LET THEM BE!!!

  • SupportJBD

    They were in a private booth high above everyone. Only someone with a telephoto lens could have shot these pics. They can't do anything without someone sticking a camera in their face. Don't blame them! And who in the hell over the age of twelve hasn't kissed their girl or boy friend!!!

  • Brandis Riddle
    Brandis Riddle

    she's 19 and an adult so she can do as she pleases in public...young love!

  • Kimmy

    your fucked in the head haha but it does look wrong he looks like he is 12 haha

  • Allen R. Hill
    Allen R. Hill

    Great isn't it? Two kids with way too much exposure and money kissing it up in public. What's wrong with that? It sends quite the wrong message to the very young, including these two who are very young. Displays of affection are nice, within modest reason in public. Here we have two teenage children acting the way they think adults should act. I doubt this Beiber boy even shaves, yet he is acting as though two children understand love and the passions that it involves. His handlers encourage it for the cut in money they'll receive ulltimately. Hollywood has made sex the end all be all. If this young boy or young girl were mine, they'd not be making overt, shameless, public displays of themselves. Where are their parents? Out with McCauley Culkins' parents counting the money their child has made for them as the "Home Alone" star's father did?