Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss at Wedding in Mexico

  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kiss at Wedding in Mexico
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez pack on the PDA at a friend's wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on December 8, 2011. Selena was a bridesmaid and brought Justin along as her date. The couple kissed on the beach at sunset and couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Source: Flynet
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  • mel lowry
    mel lowry

    I think you are right but he says he does'nt want to be seen as a kid anymore so for him an adult wouldn't have his pants half off. Pull them up and look like an adult. i think they are great together by the way.

  • Olivia2

    My goodness puppy LOVE!!

  • ACarole

    JB could start a "new" trend of wearing the pants up a bit higher. Over time he could work them up to the 70's version of hip hugger. My question is: How do any of these guy get those pants to stay up? If they had to run fast, for any reason, I think they would be in trouble. Someone, please ... how do the pants stay up as they are defying gravity.

  • D. Gabriello
    D. Gabriello

    Mod-style skinny jeans are cool on boys but the pants falling off look is getting old. But JB probably feels he'll lose his "hip hop street cred" if he wears pants normally. Especially since he's a skinny pretty boy otherwise.

  • lexie

    I hate this.. It doesn't even look good! All the boys in my school wear their pants like that! It's stupid

  • maryamcullen

    What do you mean? that if someone is at wedding on the beach they can pull down there pants like that?? That's pathetic!

  • maryamcullen

    Justin is totally insane I mean look where he is wearing his pants?!

  • Sara

    umm its a beach wedding and though I can agree about the pants which most boys i know do anyway, all the guests were dressed pretty casually.. so just give the kid a break

  • alexa

    you are at a wedding and you don't know that you should pull your pants up? wow.

  • Pili Díaz Delgado
    Pili Díaz Delgado

    Que alguien please le suba los pantalones a Justin!

  • Greg

    Joke? I find it truly sad that he cant find it in himself to show some respect at someone else's big day. Even if I'm forced to accept "see my briefs" as a legitimate fashion statement, its incredibly inappropriate here, and not the first time he's been too small for his pants. His "swagger" coach needs to re-educate him.

  • Denise Rivera
    Denise Rivera

    What a joke that bieber can't pull up his pants.

  • Mimi

    For God's sake, Justin, PULL UP YOUR PANTS!!