Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Continue Love Fest on the Beach

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Continue Love Fest on the Beach
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber continue their whirlwind puppy love on the beach in Malibu on September 23, 2011.
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  • chandu

    nice couple

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    true fact

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    thankyou i agree

  • Megan Gollin
    Megan Gollin

    shut up , its romantic gosh whats your probelem

  • JustMe

    then why are you watching these pictures ? :D

  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    no it's not .

  • Bla

    There cute but justins pants need to go abit higher...

  • kewlgirl

    thank uuuuuu^^^^^^^^

  • Sarah Peters-Drobnick
    Sarah Peters-Drobnick

    they are so cute just leave them alone everyone who post rude comments or comments about yourself should be ashamed they are happy its sweet

  • Alex Bell
    Alex Bell

    awww..!!! they're sooo cute!! <3 both of them and their work!!!!

  • markella

    hey you, we don't give a damn what you and your boyfriend do!!!!! Yes, you could post that as your facebook status but not as a comment on celebuzz!!!!!

  • Kristina

    Awwww, such a sweet kiss. Coincidently, my boyfriend and I had the most sensual kiss last night which made my head spin and my heart miss a beat. My boyfriend is an amazing kisser and he knows exactly what to do to turn me on in all the right ways.

  • Nini Kvelaidze
  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    awwwwwwww <3