Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romance: A Timeline

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romance: A Timeline
January 3, 2011: Rabid Bieber fans tweet violent messages to Selena over her romance with Baby Biebs. Will the poor fan reaction force Selena to break up with Justin?
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  • *****

    ok idk y u r all hatin on selena she is pritty and nice and if they want to be a couple let them like wats ur problem.and if u wer a jb fan and u rnt now cuz they r dateing that is just low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JelenaRoxMySox

    wtf is your problem? How would you know she deserves it, and how do you know she's the 'lowest type of person on the earth'? I doubt you've ever met her. And how can you say they're not in a relationship? Haven't you seen all the pics? Sheesh grow up, would ya?

  • wowza

    she deserves it. She just deserves everything she gets. Their not in a relationship. Although all the justin bieber fans are crazy I could care less since selena is the lowest type of person on the earth.

  • Makenzie

    Leave her Alone!!! Grow up~! If you are a true bieber fan you would be happy at least for Justin... I mean i see teenagers acting like 12 year old cause "OMG Selena is dating justin i hate her now!" stop acting like fucking twelve year olds and leave selena alone she didnt do anything i think they are a cute couple and im happy for them...

  • Jaden

    i think if you are a bieber fan, you'd be happy for them and quit hating on his girl :) i Love Jelena. i Hope it lasts forever. And They get married. and if you really love him you'd also want him to be happy, right?! I mean seariously grow the fuck up!!

  • seymone

    they r so cute 2 gether but y r all of yall hatin on her selena didnt do nuthin 2 yall SO LEAVE THEM ALONE they r the perfect couple

  • sammi

    they should be happy together if they chosse remeber its their live not yours and also leave selena alone she didint do nothing to you did she

  • ashley

    justin is not for selena ok selena you say justin is a kid on ellen show ok

  • maria

    i love selena but i don't think she suits jb insted i think he should go out with kendall jenner

  • Tina

    haha aww poor selena. i don't have anything against either of them but personally i think selena's just a teeny bit too...good (and tall) for bieber. haha.

  • ishidaboss

    u guys should let them be... gossips mschewwwwwwww

  • ivony8520

    hey ppl its not fair i mean ok i understand u want justin to b yours bt if u reaally love him ull let him b happy with the person he chooses and u just hv to accept that that might not b u.leave poor selena alone its not fair let them hv a life

  • kaku

    i am a justin true fan , im from argentina and i went to the usa just to atend his concert , i really admire him . i dont really like selena but well if he choose her is because she is a good person!

  • yulinvang

    I think they can do whatever they want. Again people, THEY ARE PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND I!

  • Temi

    They Deserve To Be Happy Whether They Are Dating Or Not ! Stop Sending The Poor Girl Death Threats And Hate Mail.

  • yadi


  • iWantToKillThoseFanGirls

    SELENA IS NOT 4 JUSTIN,,, I REPEAT,, NOT 4 JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, get some proper grammar skills. Second, you are probably one of the people that's sending Selena death threats. Thirdly, you need to calm your tits.


    SELENA IS NOT 4 JUSTIN,,, I REPEAT,, NOT 4 JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • derbie

    not fair..leave her alone