Justin Bieber- The Haters

  • Justin Bieber- The Haters
Even sweet Selena Gomez at one time has spoken unkind words about the young Canadian. She told the BBC, "He's a dork. He really is. He's just not cool. I get it—when he has his swag on, he's definitely cool, he's got it going on—but when he doesn't, he's just funny."
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  • leah

    Justin Beiber thinks he's cool, but he's actually very stupid. He flips his hair, he sings like a girl, and he is ugly. Selena might ACT like she's just joking about Justin being a dork, but did you hear her on YouTube, answering fan questions? Someone asked if she was going out with Justin, and she laughed like it wasn't just crazy and ridiculous , but disgusting, too. I'm sure she pretends to like him because she has to, but she knows that he is a loser.

  • sellyG

    ever heard of jokes among friends celebuzz?

  • Mariana

    We'll match it can

  • Val

    So false.

  • Julia Hunt
    Julia Hunt

    Whoever is writing these captions on Celebuzz is pissing me off.

  • jade

    thats a lie

  • tori

    she said that in a friendly way you celebuzz jerk person I know!! She says hes like her little bro

  • meiner

    the statement was a joke among friends. She is called here shows how stupid Celebuzz.com

  • hb962

    she said that in a friendly way you celebuzz jerk person