Scent of a Woman Bieber

  • Scent of a Woman  Bieber
Scent of a Woman. Bieber is currently working on a female fragrance that he promises will "make the girls go crazy." The scent is expected to appear in high-end department stores next summer.
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  • ermira

    i love you JB i'm a big fan of yours i want more i wish only to meet i cant because i live inn kosova and ca not came to kosova and th ''if you die without you this would be dream without realizing that will remani a hole in my heart '' DO YOU understand me

  • dchhabr

    hey i love lotz justin bt i m here n india cannot meet u plz visit india some time i alwaz enjoy songs specially baby baby baby " well i go to disk specialy to dance on your songs u cant evn imagine how dam crazy im abt u plzz come n meet me itz my dream..

  • kate _Justin
    kate _Justin

    I love Justin very much :*:*(inlove) this is true love, yea :*:*:))))...But i can not see he because he did not arrive in Georgia ;((( so I'm sad ;((((...Pleace Justin Bieber come to Georgia, we love you so much, your songs are very popular here :*:*

  • likeaboss


  • twilightrocks147

    I will buy it