March 23 2010 Justin

  • March 23  2010  Justin
March 23, 2010: Justin Bieber leaves 'The View' and goes to lunch at Boston Market with a mystery woman in New York City.
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  • shama

    she is pretty but I don't think she dating with him.

  • bieberfever!

    what the heck? they look friends not a lover! goodness sake!

  • ale

    that's selena gomez!!! behind the girl with justin

  • Abby

    ohhhh seriously guys?? since when did ppl stoop THIS low?! for all ya knw thts liike his best friend or something & theyre goin to lunch together to hang out. he NEVER said tht theyre dating & she NEVER said tht theyre why the hell do ppl asume tht they are?? gawd. i mean, come on ppl.! everyone knws tht Bieber is a flirt anywayz..for all ya knw, the girls just a friend, and hes just puttin his arm around her cuz its a natural reaction for him. sh*tt. give him a break already.! haha bck off of him & his personal life.

  • Guest


  • Keira

    I think black girls are pretty ...but I think Justin is trying to be a 'cool boy' like those Rappers ... For example the Lil Bow Wow also started with all that an dnow look at him he's singing about his sex life and all....Justin you're still a baby the only women you can hug is your mom haha

  • nilo

    she's really cute..but they kinda don't fit

  • vanessakbieber

    It could just be a FRIEND or a FAN who won a lunch with him or something.. don't jump to conclusions!! And don't be mean!! ♥

  • Guest

    then that makes you mad sexiii!!

  • dwai

    hahahhaha josssyyyy, justin u shud be with her not tht girll

  • jocelyn rodriguez
    jocelyn rodriguez

    wait thats meee!!!!

  • Guest

    yoo that girl behind the black lady is mad sexiii