Backstreet Boys White Look

  • Backstreet Boys  White Look
Backstreet Boys' White Look. One of Justin's signature concert looks – an all-white outfit with a purple sweatshirt worn underneath – bears some resemblance to the all-white ensembles that the Backstreet Boys sported on their 'Millennium' album cover.
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  • eli : ))))
    eli : ))))

    HELL!!! no JUSTIN BIEBER looks way better than those guys and plus justin bieber put some extra touch to that out fit PURPLE lol i love you justin : ))))

  • sabinerawr

    For sure BSB,when they wear it, it's classy and cute, when Justin wears it, it's gay.

  • sym135

    he aint gettin inspired he's stealin their style

  • Childie

    justin bieber looks really gay wearing tht. no wait ino lot of gays and they wuldnt be couted dead in tht