Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii
Soon after landing in Hawaii, hand in hand Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber head for the beach. Justin in only board shorts reveals his tattoos.
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  • Jackie

    Where are they going? That doesn't look like a getaway, it looks more like they just took a walk in the park and just came out and was about to go home!

  • Haylee Gabreala Harrison
    Haylee Gabreala Harrison

    Cutest celebrity couple ever ! <3 I DON'T CARE IF OTHER PEOPLE THINK THE OPPOSITE :)

  • jessica

    storm the weather in everybodys heart you idiot they look stupid

  • weliyo

    they look soo hot togerthe. with both of them together they shall storm the weather

  • Hey

    If i was Justin and seen all the hate she gets and all the horrible things i would be ashamed with his fans.. they are just jelous and dont stand a chance with him. they need to grow up and learn how to respect they're idol and his girlfriend because his true fans would stick by him no matter what whether they like her or not. they dont even know her.. she seems lovely and i wish them the best. He appreciates and does sooo much for his fans and some of them cant give the slightest respect for the girl he loves. he said once that he's scared he'll loose his fans when he gets a girlfriend he thinks of them but d'ya know whats sad that that has happened. at leaset now he knows who his true fans are.

  • livesinafairytale

    " Jb is gong down" ? First of all, learn how to spell, LOL. Second of all, he's not *GOING* down. He's still one of the most popular celebrities at the moment and your lame attempts at hating on him do nothing to his rep.

  • Julien

    he have a penis head ... and also a dushbag he is trying to have big muscle

  • Julia

    is that the only bathing suit she hass?

  • mindy

    I know right! people gotta stop its getting annoying hearing shes dead! hes mine! obviously that wont stop them so theres no point.

  • Romance

    selena is very lucky, but i do NOT hate her. and people that are writing mean stuff about her MUST stop. if you truely are a big fan of justin bieber you would want him to be happy, wouldn’t you. they may have started dating for publicity reasons but obviously they are is love. so DO NOT write mean comments about selena gomez or their relationship. they are going to be to together weather you like it or not!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    They all have personal trainers esp. if they have a show/concert soon.

  • S

    Why does she have to be so damn fit? .. darn it hahah belieber forever :) x

  • numberonebitch

    Obviously he hasnt hit puberty yet. He looks like he's 10 lol

  • sydsouth

    * Are you one of the Celebuzz staffer's cuz if you are Sydney says Hello, and wishes your staff all the best! Thanks for the pictures of Taylor L. (but only if you are).* =}

  • Julia

    "Jb is going down"? LOL that soo stupied, He is like the most famous person right now. He going up, not down silly

  • mandy


  • yawn

    what is he flexing :P

  • Whattheheck!

    I guess you would like some dick

  • Jb is gong down
    Jb is gong down

    He looks like a walking dick in this pic..

  • pam angel
    pam angel

    i know justin bieber is happy with selena gomez so i gonna let them go .. huhuhuhu

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka

    that's a victoria's secret belle bandeau top. i know because i just got one in coral. good work selena!