Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii

  • Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii
Soon after landing in Hawaii, hand in hand Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber head for the beach. Justin in only board shorts reveals his tattoos.
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  • black

    Love from justin and Selena...when Selena have a baby.....we don't know it. :] <3 :D ;)

  • KirBieber

    im Justin Bieber Fever!!!

  • justin

    i love u selena gomez <3

  • weronka

    hahaha ich liebe dich du bist so coll ich saks dier zo gar wen ich dich nicht liebe ist mier scheise gal ok ich möchte mit dir sein kind chaben so wx chaben ich möchte auch so wie die selena gomez ich mag sie auch aber nicht so fiel ok aber ich liebe dich mehr als dich chasdu das vetstzanden ja ode najn hm ok ciau beibei bayby

  • Doda Tariq El Farghly
    Doda Tariq El Farghly

    they look so cute together

  • George

    Give him a bit of credit. Maybe he's a cool kid with some smarts and personality. Something most 18 year olds lack. Let them have fun.

  • ?????

    I meant to type "You call a body like that frumpy?" in the second sentence.

  • ?????

    @YPEBKACM: Hah! Frumpy? Come on, FRUMPY? ou're cll a body like that frumpy? I think it's a perfectly fine body and you call it frumpy. Unbelievable!! P.S. No one really uses or says frumpy anymore.

  • jessica

    dont please give me a break

  • Claire

    hahaha who is the creeper in the background

  • freya

    he is so white compared to her . haaahah

  • Hey

    FRUMPY!! wait a minute while i pee myself hahahaha.. You need to learn how to see.... Jealous much? she has a great body most girls would love to have a body like that. its not all about the looks either. GOODBYE.

  • livesinafairytale

    You all need to grow up. Justin is what, 17 years old? Obviously he's not gonna have the body of a man. Stop expecting him to be totally buff; He's not. And just because he's not doesn't mean he looks like "A 10 year old" or "Unattractive." He's a cute guy and has enough muscle on him so he's not totally skinny. He seems fine to me. @sugminkuk Stop saying "I'm laughing at all these kids" and acting like you're all immature. Whether you're an adult or not, you're looking at pictures of two teens in bathing suits and having a feud about it. That makes you just as immature as kids, if not more.

  • Girl

    2 years.Justin was born in 94 she was born in 92

  • Natalia

    frumpy??????? totaly not she is hot and that comes from a girl!!

  • londonlady

    frumpy? I'd love to see a pic of you sweet thing... you must be hot - NOT!

  • sugminkuk

    HAHAHAHA lol, i'm laughing my ass off right now. not because what you wrote, cause i totally agree with you. i'm laughing because all this damn kids! it's pathetic that girls growing up these days find a guy who looks like a lady, and who's skinny as hell, attractive. he's but ugly you teenage cows. grow up and find a real life man instead of droolin' over someone like him.


    She could be in much better shape -- he is ripped and she is a little pudgy... C'mon Bieb; all the girls in the world you can have and you choose a slightly frumpy girl like that?!?


    If u knew what is Noddy .. you would know what i was talking about, Noddy is a cartoon to kids with 1-6 years old, maybe like you right? ^^, so shut the fck up and get a life, im free to comment what i want!

  • sweetheart

    ownnn sOO CUUUUUUTE in cougar tOwn ...

  • Jen

    Gross, he is not manly in the least.

  • Belieber For Life.
    Belieber For Life.

    And the tattoo says Jesus in hebrew.

  • Belieber For Life.
    Belieber For Life.

    First of all its tattoo. Not tatto. And naughty. Not noddy. Learn to spell!! And second, If you hate him so much why even bother looking at the freaking pictures? So just shut up. K? Thanks.

  • moi!!

    Jen I totally agree...wut is she doin with him????? she's a 10 and he's a 3!


    It hurts me so much to see Her with this freakin kid --. lol? tatto? is this a tatto? o.O what it is? Noddy? --. I HATE YOU KID!!!!

  • numberonebitch

    He has tattoos?! Ha ha ha ha ha LMAO!!! Those are some stupid tattoos. I didnt know you could get tattoos at 10. I do not see a difference in the hair either. It still looks like a bowl. LOL

  • Emily

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA unattractive? Are u being serious. Justin Bieber UNATTRACTIVE?!!! LMFAO XD!! He is far from unattractive honey

  • Taylor

    Just shut up ? Just because you don't like him, it doesn't mean that you have to comment . Stop ? Thanks .

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE THEM. And Jen, you can just STFU(: Kthanks.

  • Taylor

    Awh, I LOVE them togeeether . Selena looks gorgeooous & Justin just looks hooooott ; as alwaays(; <3 <3

  • 12233333

    Im jealous!!!!1

  • mandy

    Eat Shit :)

  • maryamcullen

    selena looks gorgrous

  • idaolivia

    omg new tattoo :) wow and they r so cute <3

  • Tim

    are u for real?

  • Hannah

    Just so you know, they're only a year apart right now in age.

  • Jen

    That kid is so unattractive, I'm sorry, but he looks like he's 10. He looks like her kid brother.