Kardashian Christmas Card

  • Kardashian Christmas Card
Kim is wearing an Emilio Pucci dress and vintage earrings.
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  • barbara02

    I don't what they were wearing, but it seems to me that they "ate" a lot of Photoshop!! =D

  • ada5882

    Kloe for once looks amamazing!!! Ur a Hater

  • sweetsenses

    wow love the dresses especially the cream and black

  • Iris Mita Albino
    Iris Mita Albino

    Stop hating!!! If you had the looks and money,you be doing the same!!!Kim made 6million this year.For the most paid reality star!!!And I love the pic!!!!As long as they know they are a team and give thanks for there blessings,they going to be ok. Happy Holidays the Kardashians!!!Be bless Keep it Real!!!

  • MO

    I think Kim's eye are closed? Can anyone else tell

  • traci

    This definitely should be a Halloween Card! What the F is Kylie thinking? She looks like a vampire! Kris exploits her girls! In the worst way! Rob is handsome as usual!

  • Britt

    [quote=Peggy Fitzpatrick]they almost look like the adams family Hahah YES! the adams family!

  • Janine

    [quote=Peggy Fitzpatrick]they almost look like the adams family It totally reminds me of the Addams Family too!

  • emi

    this is a x-mas card??? why so dark looks like a mag photo shoot for holloween... whats up with bruce once again left out :(

  • Gina

    Love the picture. But looking at the cards from the past..Why does Bruce's children no longer take pictures with them. Not cool!!! But Khloe looks absolutely amazing... She is my favorite...

  • Lala

    Kloe for once looks amamazing!!!

  • Peggy Fitzpatrick
    Peggy Fitzpatrick

    they almost look like the adams family