Kardashian Christmas Card

  • Kardashian Christmas Card
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  • Lorien Bibb
    Lorien Bibb

    who let's their little girls wear heals??????????????? oh pimp mama.

  • callievincigrl

    Is it me or do all their Christmas photos (except for the older ones when they were innocent kiddies) seem to be just high fashion with NO soul? When I look @ these I see great fashion minus actual humans...

  • sconcreteguy

    If you don't like any of this, why did you even click over to see the pictures? You people make no sense!

  • tiffany

    balls are no balls you seatla f*ck kardasian

  • Wendi

    It looks a ad for a Brothel

  • Celeste

    who the F cares? You can definitely see the plastice surgery over the years and when did Bruce Jenner lose his balls and become a Kardasian? I want to throw up!!!