Kardashian Jean Kollection

  • Kardashian Jean Kollection
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  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    "Kimberly Noel Kardashian don't ever believe anything that they comment on you,Khloe,or Kourtney."I love you Kimmy Noel Kardashian xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • blonderst

    Really guy's Y you gotta B such Bitch's!!!! Hey my Kardashian girl's I LOVE you clothes that you put out, unfortanitly I am a single mom and can not afford them.. LOL It is nice to window shop online though.. I love you guy's I watch all of your shows.. I keep up withyou guy's on Everything...Kim Im sorry things didnt work with Hmmm Whats his name..Just kiddin Kris. Dont worry you will find that special person someday. I am a 35 yr old divorcie and I still hoping.. Khloe, girll Ilove you.. It sucks being away from your family, but you got hubby and thats what matters.. And good luck and best wishes on trying for a baby.. And Kourtney Congrates. Lets hope for a girl this time... Love you girls.. Catherine

  • Christine Ba
    Christine Ba

    look at Kims knee.. it looks weird!:S

  • Eva

    and also wat happenend to kloe's face? it doesn't even look like her at all!!!

  • Mary

    Those jeans are sooo ugly and unfitting that i can't even look at them...